World View Perspective: When we know our Heart

Whether through contemplation or meditation, when we know our own Heart of hearts, we can surrender any and all hard old feelings and thoughts to it. As we release from the old negativity, we bring balance, harmony and peace into our system.  Our High Heart is compassionate and we can access the Love and understanding through opening that Higher aspect of our Heart to Love itself. We can feel what it feels like to open our hearts to trusting Love completely. Through our High Heart we know and feel the experience of no separation from the very Source and Force of Love itself that guides the very creation of life.  In this way, we resonate more fully with Love as an active, healing and positive Force in our life and human system.  The more conscious we become of Love as an active, positive Force, the more we trust we are not separate from it. As the Love fills our system with positive feelings, we truly can release from the hold of the past and come safely into the 'now moment', where Love is always present.  When we know our own Heart of Hearts, we know we are Love, we know we can heal and we know we feel it now!


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