World View Perspective: When we accept our physical bodies

Learning how to forgive ourselves in terms of our physical bodies is not an easy task.  Anywhere in our system, we can be holding onto rage, frustration, old stuck negative feelings and under-developed stuck in the past thoughts that no longer serve us.  Our unconscious and sub-conscious store energy just like our more conscious aspects.  The key is the open and Loving willingness to go through our system much like a miner goes down into earth to find coal or other treasures.  Take the Light you carry with you and have the courage to honestly look.  When we find old blocks to our greater positive sense of self, surrendering up those no longer needed memories or experiences to a higher aspect of our self will release what is old and worn out.  Joy, inspiration and fresh energy can replace what is released, enabling us to feel free and Loving once again. Love is our natural state of being and the more we let go of what in us is not (knot) Loving, the more Loving we will become.  Love all of who you are and be grateful for who you are, including you in your physical body, and forgive yourself for any actions that your old self may have done in the past before you were more conscious.  Like a snake that sheds it's skin, we can also let go and rejuvenate our self on every level through genuinely Loving who we are, including who we are in the body.


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