World View Perspective: Our True Self Knows

Our True Self is the one that knows.  What does it know?  It knows who we are versus who we aren't.  We are taught certain rules and roles to play and how to perform and conform to the norm for human life which is positive and useful.  Yet behind it all, also guiding us and sending us messages is our True Self.  Our ages and stages of human growth and development are important as we grow up and then independently put them into practice through our own understanding of our physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual self.  We learn how to think in structured ways and how to experience the process of living as well. When our maturity takes us towards the more spiritual perspective, for example accessed through the practices of meditation and contemplation, we begin the have a sense of a living presence of Self.  This Self is the true witness and it is present now.  It lives in the current moment.  In the present moment it is awareness and consciousness itself.  Nothing is separate.  When we consciously aspire to go higher in conscious awareness and access through experience and understanding the truth about life, we are seeking union with our True Self.  Aspiring to become our True Self clears the fear, opens the mind and expands the Heart.  In this way, we become one with the Love itself and in that Love, we also know Peace.  Our True Self is the Love and the Peace.


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