World View Perspective: Our human system carries light

With challenging circumstances and day to day difficulties, it is easy to forgot our human system carries Light.  It is easy to feel the limitations, confusions and discomfort as we seek survival, comfort and consistency.  Yet within us and as us, there is also Light.  The Light is our expanded Self and it is with us always. This Light expands with inspiration, aspiration, positive thinking and warm sincere and Loving thoughts.  It grows as we seek Union with something bigger than our selves.  Cosmic and Universal Love also vibrate with this Light and it carries us all forward.  This is the physics of being human and in the big picture it is how we can open our mind and our heart and embrace more of what life is about, in truth, as we live our lives.  The vibration in our physical body reflects our Light too.  If we have any addictions that weigh us down or dim our Light, it can affect how we feel and we how embrace the Light in our body.  So embracing our Light may mean clearing the system of any and all old things that no longer serve us, like too many old and heavy emotions or negative thinking about now or in the past.
If we remember we are Light, it makes aspiring to become all we can be all that much more appealing.  The more we sincerely aspire to become our Light, the more that inherent Light can show us the way.  It is refreshing to know we carry Light.


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