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World View Perspective: When we accept our physical bodies

Learning how to forgive ourselves in terms of our physical bodies is not an easy task.  Anywhere in our system, we can be holding onto rage, frustration, old stuck negative feelings and under-developed stuck in the past thoughts that no longer serve us.  Our unconscious and sub-conscious store energy just like our more conscious aspects.  The key is the open and Loving willingness to go through our system much like a miner goes down into earth to find coal or other treasures.  Take the Light you carry with you and have the courage to honestly look.  When we find old blocks to our greater positive sense of self, surrendering up those no longer needed memories or experiences to a higher aspect of our self will release what is old and worn out.  Joy, inspiration and fresh energy can replace what is released, enabling us to feel free and Loving once again. Love is our natural state of being and the more we let go of what in us is not (knot) Loving, the more Loving we will become.  Love al…

World View Perspective: Our human system carries light

With challenging circumstances and day to day difficulties, it is easy to forgot our human system carries Light.  It is easy to feel the limitations, confusions and discomfort as we seek survival, comfort and consistency.  Yet within us and as us, there is also Light.  The Light is our expanded Self and it is with us always. This Light expands with inspiration, aspiration, positive thinking and warm sincere and Loving thoughts.  It grows as we seek Union with something bigger than our selves.  Cosmic and Universal Love also vibrate with this Light and it carries us all forward.  This is the physics of being human and in the big picture it is how we can open our mind and our heart and embrace more of what life is about, in truth, as we live our lives.  The vibration in our physical body reflects our Light too.  If we have any addictions that weigh us down or dim our Light, it can affect how we feel and we how embrace the Light in our body.  So embracing our Light may mean clearing the …

World View Perspective: When we Love our self inside and out

When we can surrender any negative ideas about our self and instead Love our selves completely from the inside out, remarkable changes occur.  We align our self with our True Self that Loves us unconditionally.  This sets in motion a process of change that allows us to let go and let in a Higher Power to clear out the old, replacing the new to re-establish a Higher Vibration of Love within our human system.  If we can begin to imagine a beautiful and vast Infinite Source of Pure Love and Faith that we are not separate from and all it wants is for us to become ourselves by simply surrendering to Love, which is our truest nature.  Once union with Love becomes a strong and worthy aspiration in us, Love itself can work wonders in terms of positive transformation and change.  We must be willing to consciously, actively let go of any and all negativity we have stored and held on to and instead embrace the True sense of our highest Self.  Joy is then restored as is positive health, a renewal…

World View Perspective: We are not the 'knots"

Our human system knots up with knots when our unconscious or subconscious remembers being told or shown we are not something.  We can knot up in fear, worry or anxiety if something in our memory is triggered in negative ways.  Fear makes us contract and Love allows us to expand.  When we knot up with 'nots' we feel like we are the limitations and confinements of knots.  The reaction/response in our system is to pull away, go quiet, let go and/or take our energy away.  Sure signs that fear has entered our consciousness and we fear we are becoming not worthy, not happy, not included, not wanted or not desired to name a few emotional, psychological experiences.  Most parents teach us right from wrong and they also show us who we are in their minds and who we are not.  The 'nots' can make us feel badly and our system can hold onto that feeling for a long, long time until or unless we can honestly and fully let it go.  When we can consciously let it go to a higher power of …

World View Perspective: Our True Self Knows

Our True Self is the one that knows.  What does it know?  It knows who we are versus who we aren't.  We are taught certain rules and roles to play and how to perform and conform to the norm for human life which is positive and useful.  Yet behind it all, also guiding us and sending us messages is our True Self.  Our ages and stages of human growth and development are important as we grow up and then independently put them into practice through our own understanding of our physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual self.  We learn how to think in structured ways and how to experience the process of living as well. When our maturity takes us towards the more spiritual perspective, for example accessed through the practices of meditation and contemplation, we begin the have a sense of a living presence of Self.  This Self is the true witness and it is present now.  It lives in the current moment.  In the present moment it is awareness and consciousness itself.  Nothing is se…

Haikus to Hearing the Heart

Hearing the Heart Haikus

A whisper came in
Now turn left do not go right
Car crash other way

Go wake sleeping child
Important warning to hear
Window breaking soon

Speed up decision 
Trust what your heart says is true
It can see far more

Yes, hear your mind think
Yet know that inner feeling
When truth speaks within

Must stay home to hear
The phone call coming in soon
My heart is needed

World View Perspective: Not wise to go against our Heart

When we go against our Heart of hearts, we can suffer a great deal!  Our Heart of hearts contains a deep truth about how to live our lives.  Love in the purest form is a positive Force and Source of all of life.  Love as a Source of life can be trusted.  Our Heart of hearts knows this.  Faith is often our deepest Love.  No matter how confusing, how threatening or how frightening life is, listen to your Heart of hearts and trust that guidance and your inner voice of Love.  In this way, we stay true to our truest self and true to the Love we carry in our purest Heart.  The inner intelligence of what is correct will not lead us astray.  It is wise to trust your true Heart of hearts.

World View Perspective: When we know our Heart

Whether through contemplation or meditation, when we know our own Heart of hearts, we can surrender any and all hard old feelings and thoughts to it. As we release from the old negativity, we bring balance, harmony and peace into our system.  Our High Heart is compassionate and we can access the Love and understanding through opening that Higher aspect of our Heart to Love itself. We can feel what it feels like to open our hearts to trusting Love completely. Through our High Heart we know and feel the experience of no separation from the very Source and Force of Love itself that guides the very creation of life.  In this way, we resonate more fully with Love as an active, healing and positive Force in our life and human system.  The more conscious we become of Love as an active, positive Force, the more we trust we are not separate from it. As the Love fills our system with positive feelings, we truly can release from the hold of the past and come safely into the 'now moment',…

Hidden Expression Haikus

Haikus to Hidden Expression
She walks in silence While furiously steaming Bee stings her wild hair

Angry with his life Black scorpion found nearby Almost gets his foot

Swimming from her past She just missed a jellyfish Ready with its sting

Not happy to leave Stomps by the old green sage plant Rattlesnake shakes bush

Fishing line empty Frustrated time was wasted Big shark snaps the bait

Joy Haikus

Haikus to Joy
Bubbles blown in air Landing on random green leaves Open palm one rests

Blue jay feather found On walking path to the beach Now on hiker’s hat

Wind gusts strong late day Trees sway as the deck cools down Gentle wind chimes heard

Whistle echoes out Live flapping wings fly close by Woman, bird unite

Young girl holds dad’s hand Exploring the open sea Her joy splashes him

World View Perspective: Self Love is Now Love

When we can consciously forgive our self, Love our self and accept our self, allowing that Love to resonate with Love itself, we align and attune our self with a much higher force than we realize.  Love is an universal and Cosmic force and when we are aware we are not separate from it, we say 'Yes' to Love throughout our whole system and life.  The more we practice this level of Loving Consciousness, the more we vibrate that Love with all we do.  Our cells feel it and respond through better health and vitality, we feel our mind and heart opening to life in a new way and we rejoice through each and every breath we consciously take.  We feel uplifted, more grateful and happier right here, right now.  It is a living Grace because it follows a much more positive plan for us.  Forgiving all that has happened to us allows that aspect to heal but also all those associated with it too.  Forgiveness releases all the negativity around the pain and lets it go.  It also releases the fear.…