World View Perspective: Understanding and forgiving our own human nature

Understanding our self leads to forgiving our self because we when we access compassion, we realize that when human beings are unconscious, errors happen leading us to opportunities for growth and maturity.  What we knew at ten gets replaced at twenty and on it goes as we become more aware and develop greater consciousness.  The conscious active choices we make at certain times in our lives are based on all the information and development we have at the time.  Throughout our lifetime, we get plenty of opportunities and chances to grow and learn more and more about our self.  The more we become aware the more we can go back and forgive our selves deeply and completely for what actions we took or choices we made at the time.  Forgiveness and gratitude are two powerful aspects of human nature that enables us to lighten and lift our load.  They are active choices that align us with our higher nature and greater intelligence.  Once we feel and realize we are letting go of the past heaviness of burdens, loving and accepting our self is what remains.  As this process fills our system with a great resonance of Love itself, we awaken naturally to the unconsciousness in others as well.  In a heartbeat we can see human nature has flaws and in a state of constant forgiveness and gratitude, we can experience transformation of those flaws into the greater consciousness of Love Itself, which only creates more Love.  Love is a healing force in the universe and it improves the world for us all.


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