World View Perspective: The Heart of Trust

In each human being there is a place of Unity and Love that creates Harmony and Peace.  It is found through knowing our own heart and soul.  In our Heart of Hearts, there is the purity and goodness we all silently seek.  It often takes conscious stillness to find it.  It is accessed through a quiet feeling of being attuned with our inner Self and being aligned with who we really are. We are not separate from this inner beauty and living Grace and yet the human system, especially the mind, works to convince us otherwise.  The spiritual arts of meditation and contemplation work to quiet the mind and calm the churning in our emotional and psychological bodies.  The more we practice that, the more we begin to prefer that sense of peace and calm.  Our thinking gets clearer and we relax more deeply.  Just closing our eyes and listening to our breathing does the same.  It takes faith and trust to listen to our heart and after we become established in it, we begin to see how the Love itself begins to change and transform our lives.  It is in our Heart of Hearts that we can continue opening to life and trusting that Love more and more and more. That Love will always guide us to Peace.


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