World View Perspective: Healing with Inner Joy

Aspiring to know who we are, takes us inward to Joy.  Joy comes from the spirit remembering who it is and staying conscious of that Joy.  Joy is an alive energy that is our life force and when we consciously use it for healing other aspects of ourselves, we effectively bring the light of our inner Joy to places within our nature that are not as openly developed or mature.  If we imagine it to be like a miner's lamp, heading underground, looking for hidden treasures it becomes an active healing tool for change.  Our Joy allows us to flush out old energy that may have been blocked, setting us free to experience more Joy. Joy is a happy active Consciousness that is accessible through the Heart! Just watch a child at play. Their Joy is unmistakable.  When we add Joy to our thinking, our feeling, our life in our body, we feel lighter and brighter and much more uplifted!  Our Joy reminds us of all we are and all we can become by just choosing to be Joyful!  It is always there because it is always us!  Our Joy enables us to heal!


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