World View Perspective: Forgiveness and Gratitude

If we think of experiencing infinite Love as the ultimate experience and yet we don't feel we resonate with that in our human life and system, an easy and lighter way to proceed is to communicate forgiveness into our emotional self and gratitude into our heart as often as possible.  When we are stuck in traffic, waiting for someone or waiting in line, we can send those positive signals into our own system, thereby changing our inner dynamic.  Forgiveness doesn't have to be about something specific, just a general forgiveness towards any aspect of ourselves that maybe needs releasing now.  It can be used even for very basic things.  Gratitude is the same.  We can be grateful for the air we breathe, the food we have, where we live as well as for our family, friends, children and spouses.  When both forgiveness and gratitude are sincerely used together, we begin to align and attune more genuinely with our heart.  Our system becomes softer and more flexible and less fearful.  Joy becomes easier and easier to access, enabling us to feel happier and become more joyful!  We begin to love and accept ourselves more deeply and completely and positive self awareness happens more spontaneously.  Forgiveness and gratitude are great gifts of Love.


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