World View Perspective: Consciousness as a Healing Force

Consciousness is a healing force of rich awareness and Love. Consciousness takes us to places that are both grand and small in scale to our own life as well as to the Universal and cosmic realms of an infinite expanse.  They say we only use 5% of our our human brain, which may be true but it is through expanded consciousness that we can broaden our view and our understanding of life itself.  Meditation and contemplation take us to those higher planes of thought, feeling and experience because those other aspects go beyond our conscious, active mind.  Once we link with higher consciousness, we can bring that energy back into our human system to help us see what still needs to heal and become more conscious.  It is a tool for human personal transformation through Love and truthful empowerment.  When we become more conscious, we become more Loving and true to our own Heart.  This enables us to feel and become the Joy of Love itself within our very system; thereby making our system more conscious too.


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