World View Perspective: Becoming Peaceful

Peace is not just a concept.  It is a real and truthful feeling when Love, forgiveness and gratitude become our living attitude and mantra.  Every breath is a natural gift of life and when we can openly, lovingly appreciate each moment's opportunity to be grateful, our heart begins to open to the Love it is.  Being alive in a human system has such beauty to it and, no matter what hardships we may be enduring, we can have faith that greater things are yet to come.  We can still be grateful that we are learning, growing and expanding our understanding of life and our selves.  All of our life supports our soul's growth.  We just have to exercise an attitude of gratitude and have faith in the process.  When we begin to accept our self and our life as being part of the greater plan, we develop a greater trust.  Self Love is part of the process of trusting our self on our way to becoming more peaceful human beings.  Being true to our self and our heart enables more Love to be present and with that, more peace also comes.  By becoming more peaceful, we have more Love and Peace for others and the world around us.


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