Monday, June 23, 2014

VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR - Another Leg of the Journey Begins . . .


Janet Rice Carnahan, currently living in Southern California, finds her inspiration in nature’s beauty every chance she gets.  Her poetry has been published online in “Jellyfish Whispers”, “Pryokinection”, “Camel Saloon”, “Three Line Poetry”, and “The Mind{less} Muse”.  Two of Janet’s poems were selected for the anthology, “Storm Cycle: The Best of 2013” through “Kind of a Hurricane Press”.  She also contributed poetry to two other anthologies, “Backlit Barbell” and “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, where she also received credit for the cover photo and caption.  On her website, Hear Earth Heart, she has self-published four poetry books, “Shadows in the Sanctuary”, “Into the Inner Path”, “The Cosmic Highway” and “Hear Earth Heart, a series of haikus”.

The sunny Southern California coast provides marvelous opportunities for Janet and her husband to walk the beaches in search of all nature provides and never hides . . . among the tides!   All of life is there; the pounding surf, flying seabirds, children discovering the beach for the first time, and the peace and serenity found in a golden sunset.

Life for me has always been near water; oceans, islands and lakes, bringing joy and delight to the natural ebb and flow of life itself.

The creative process is a different dance for each artist, inviting and weaving one’s thoughts and feelings into captured moments with an unexpected yet creatively welcomed style and grace as it becomes a new form, previously formless.  The artist is drawn to the medium that best allows for their own expression and sense of connection to the world through the written word, painting, drawing or photography.


From the “lip of the Arctic Circle”, I was asked by poetic friend, S. E. Ingraham, to join this virtual blog tour. I have known Sharon online for a few years now, always enjoying her poetic style and unique expression. She shares who she is through her openly creative voice.  I am grateful to Sharon for inviting me on this journey, supporting people in their creative endeavors.  Sharon has several poetic accomplishments, which she shares in her bio below.  

S.E.Ingraham, a retired mental health consumer, pens poems from the 53rd parallel where she lives with the love of her life, as well as a very old wolf/border-collie. Recently she's had work published in a number of online and print journals: Poetic Pinup Revue; Free Fall Literary Mag; and from kind of a hurricane press: Tic Toc, Something's Brewing, In Gilded Frame, Storm Cycle-the Best of 2012 and 2013,  to name a few. She continues to work on chapbooks and more plans for publication.  Ingraham won 2013's Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry contest, but her fondest accomplishment is a sidewalk poem that will leave her words "written in stone" on a walkway near where her grandsons live. Her work can be found on any of her blogs but the one she's using for the tour is:


Thank you again, Sharon, and here are the answers to the four questions for my portion of the tour.

1) What am I currently working on?

I am playing with a few titles for a series of new haikus around the theme of the love of nature as it relates to the human heart.  It seems nature brings out the gentle side of human nature and Haiku creates that very touchable human moment.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Haiku seems to embody spirituality, philosophy and psychology to evoke a true connection for the core feeling of the human experience.  When the words are captured in such a way as to truly touch the heart, the glory of their correct alignment brings about a true feeling of love and joy, leading one to feel the moment.  If it touches me in that way, I trust it will move someone else as well.

3)  Why do I write/create what I do?

Essentially I just write what shows up!  If I am out walking in nature, for example, I just let nature show me what’s there.  The way the birds dance across the sky, the wind on the branches or the ripples of sparkling sunlight in harmony with the waves.  It seems to me that poetry is the art of being in the moment and using words to frame it and offer it back for someone else to enjoy and experience.

4) How does my writing/ creating process work?

It starts with the real feeling in a moment and as the feeling comes so do the words.  The visual experience also evokes the feeling.  I saw a little girl with red bows in her hair, wearing a red coat and red shoes waving at a bright red fire truck.  All the firemen were waving madly back.  The sense of red in both the harder metal and softness of the small girl’s ruby colored bows and shoes was a great contrast for a captured poetic moment.

 The love and joy of family also stirs the heart and provides marvelous inspiration on a wonderful ongoing and growing basis!



Choosing three poets to participate in the virtual blog tour was and wasn’t an easy task.  Several of us have participated in a Poem –A- Day (PAD) challenge through Writer’s Digest with senior editor, Robert Lee Brewer, for many years now.  Many poets write and post daily and through that process some names just leap off the page and stay in your mind.  The three poets I chose show their own voice, spirit and expression through the boldness of their chosen words that touch and move people to hear what speaks to them in their own way.

So happy to present Sara Vinas, Linda G. Hatton and Bruce Neidt!  Looking forward to seeing how they will take this virtual blog tour to the next step on June 30th

Sara v is a worshipper of sun, sea and serendipity. She is also an artist and the inspirations for art in paint and pen come from her delight in nature, especially of the salt water variety. Her poetry has been published in "Jellyfish Whispers," "Errant Parent," "Brevity Poetry Review," and several anthologies. My art and poetry is at

Linda G Hatton spends her days writing—poetry, novels, screenplays, web codes, or notes to her children. She is also the managing editor of Mouse Tales Press and works as a freelance copyeditor. [link to:]

 Bruce W. Niedt is a "beneficant bureaucrat" from southern NJ whose poetry has appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Writers Digest, Writers Journal, The Lyric, Lucid Rhythms, US 1 Worksheets, Spitball, Chantarelle's Notebook, and Edison Literary Review.  His awards include the ByLine Short Fiction and Poetry Prize, first prize for poetry at the Philadelphia Writers Conference, and two nominations each for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He has workshopped with Jane Hirshfield, Marge Piercy, Molly Peacock, and Stephen Dunn, and is looking forward to working with Billy Collins in January 2015. His latest chapbook is Twenty-four by Fourteen, a collection of sonnets and other short poems, published by Maverick Duck Press.  Bruce’s blog address is

 Ok, poets . . . onward and up word!  Let's see all the good stuff!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

World View Perspective: The Heart of Trust

In each human being there is a place of Unity and Love that creates Harmony and Peace.  It is found through knowing our own heart and soul.  In our Heart of Hearts, there is the purity and goodness we all silently seek.  It often takes conscious stillness to find it.  It is accessed through a quiet feeling of being attuned with our inner Self and being aligned with who we really are. We are not separate from this inner beauty and living Grace and yet the human system, especially the mind, works to convince us otherwise.  The spiritual arts of meditation and contemplation work to quiet the mind and calm the churning in our emotional and psychological bodies.  The more we practice that, the more we begin to prefer that sense of peace and calm.  Our thinking gets clearer and we relax more deeply.  Just closing our eyes and listening to our breathing does the same.  It takes faith and trust to listen to our heart and after we become established in it, we begin to see how the Love itself begins to change and transform our lives.  It is in our Heart of Hearts that we can continue opening to life and trusting that Love more and more and more. That Love will always guide us to Peace.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Haikus to Fathers

Father Haikus

Waves came in too fast
Her small legs tumbled, fumbled
His arms swept her in

Cherry tree was picked
Tree house built for him with love
Boy knows his hero

Early morning ski
Father prepares backpack lunch
Takes kids to their peak

Dad flies kites with kids
Trips over run away dog
Kids, dog pile on dad

Daughter waves her bags
Back and forth after shopping
Dad smiles at her joy

Friday, June 13, 2014

World View Perspective: Becoming Peaceful

Peace is not just a concept.  It is a real and truthful feeling when Love, forgiveness and gratitude become our living attitude and mantra.  Every breath is a natural gift of life and when we can openly, lovingly appreciate each moment's opportunity to be grateful, our heart begins to open to the Love it is.  Being alive in a human system has such beauty to it and, no matter what hardships we may be enduring, we can have faith that greater things are yet to come.  We can still be grateful that we are learning, growing and expanding our understanding of life and our selves.  All of our life supports our soul's growth.  We just have to exercise an attitude of gratitude and have faith in the process.  When we begin to accept our self and our life as being part of the greater plan, we develop a greater trust.  Self Love is part of the process of trusting our self on our way to becoming more peaceful human beings.  Being true to our self and our heart enables more Love to be present and with that, more peace also comes.  By becoming more peaceful, we have more Love and Peace for others and the world around us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World View Perspective: Forgiveness and Gratitude

If we think of experiencing infinite Love as the ultimate experience and yet we don't feel we resonate with that in our human life and system, an easy and lighter way to proceed is to communicate forgiveness into our emotional self and gratitude into our heart as often as possible.  When we are stuck in traffic, waiting for someone or waiting in line, we can send those positive signals into our own system, thereby changing our inner dynamic.  Forgiveness doesn't have to be about something specific, just a general forgiveness towards any aspect of ourselves that maybe needs releasing now.  It can be used even for very basic things.  Gratitude is the same.  We can be grateful for the air we breathe, the food we have, where we live as well as for our family, friends, children and spouses.  When both forgiveness and gratitude are sincerely used together, we begin to align and attune more genuinely with our heart.  Our system becomes softer and more flexible and less fearful.  Joy becomes easier and easier to access, enabling us to feel happier and become more joyful!  We begin to love and accept ourselves more deeply and completely and positive self awareness happens more spontaneously.  Forgiveness and gratitude are great gifts of Love.

Monday, June 9, 2014

World View Perspective: Understanding and forgiving our own human nature

Understanding our self leads to forgiving our self because we when we access compassion, we realize that when human beings are unconscious, errors happen leading us to opportunities for growth and maturity.  What we knew at ten gets replaced at twenty and on it goes as we become more aware and develop greater consciousness.  The conscious active choices we make at certain times in our lives are based on all the information and development we have at the time.  Throughout our lifetime, we get plenty of opportunities and chances to grow and learn more and more about our self.  The more we become aware the more we can go back and forgive our selves deeply and completely for what actions we took or choices we made at the time.  Forgiveness and gratitude are two powerful aspects of human nature that enables us to lighten and lift our load.  They are active choices that align us with our higher nature and greater intelligence.  Once we feel and realize we are letting go of the past heaviness of burdens, loving and accepting our self is what remains.  As this process fills our system with a great resonance of Love itself, we awaken naturally to the unconsciousness in others as well.  In a heartbeat we can see human nature has flaws and in a state of constant forgiveness and gratitude, we can experience transformation of those flaws into the greater consciousness of Love Itself, which only creates more Love.  Love is a healing force in the universe and it improves the world for us all.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

World View Perspective: Consciousness as a Healing Force

Consciousness is a healing force of rich awareness and Love. Consciousness takes us to places that are both grand and small in scale to our own life as well as to the Universal and cosmic realms of an infinite expanse.  They say we only use 5% of our our human brain, which may be true but it is through expanded consciousness that we can broaden our view and our understanding of life itself.  Meditation and contemplation take us to those higher planes of thought, feeling and experience because those other aspects go beyond our conscious, active mind.  Once we link with higher consciousness, we can bring that energy back into our human system to help us see what still needs to heal and become more conscious.  It is a tool for human personal transformation through Love and truthful empowerment.  When we become more conscious, we become more Loving and true to our own Heart.  This enables us to feel and become the Joy of Love itself within our very system; thereby making our system more conscious too.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Self Love Haikus


A day at the beach
Grandmother smiles at the sun
As grandchildren play

Father loads the car
As the children bustle in
He gives silent thanks

Children go to school
Mother sits in quiet time
Her garden sacred

Grandfather sits still
Looking at all the faces
Nodding at the joy

Coffee in her hand
She will contemplate early
Holding gratitude

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Consciousness Haikus


Grandfather in group
Easter dinner with family
Blows kiss to Quan Yin

Guru stops to ask
Right before meditation
What about women

A sense the tree knew
She sat on the roots to hear
Wisdom spoke softly

Asking to know truth
He saw a bull and a snake
Now he understood

Shaman teaches class
About body consciousness
Tells the pain to go

Sunday, June 1, 2014

World View Perspective: Healing with Inner Joy

Aspiring to know who we are, takes us inward to Joy.  Joy comes from the spirit remembering who it is and staying conscious of that Joy.  Joy is an alive energy that is our life force and when we consciously use it for healing other aspects of ourselves, we effectively bring the light of our inner Joy to places within our nature that are not as openly developed or mature.  If we imagine it to be like a miner's lamp, heading underground, looking for hidden treasures it becomes an active healing tool for change.  Our Joy allows us to flush out old energy that may have been blocked, setting us free to experience more Joy. Joy is a happy active Consciousness that is accessible through the Heart! Just watch a child at play. Their Joy is unmistakable.  When we add Joy to our thinking, our feeling, our life in our body, we feel lighter and brighter and much more uplifted!  Our Joy reminds us of all we are and all we can become by just choosing to be Joyful!  It is always there because it is always us!  Our Joy enables us to heal!