World View Perspective: Surrendering negativity to positivity

Negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions of our self or others, creates and generates a grid of negative energy. Within that grid, we can stay blocked and trapped by our own judgments and critical thoughts.  If we don't realize we have done this or realize we are not our thoughts, then we continue to attach, identify and react as if we are the negative grid.  It takes a stronger force to come along and break this grid and negative cycle. That force is the strength of Love, Truth and Positive Energy, which are abundant in our Heart of hearts.  As Einstein implied, whatever caused the problem, another approach must solve it.  If the negativity is in our mind, body and emotions, then accessing the Pure Love in our Heart, through true and genuine aspiration, we can open our Heart's Compassion to our self.  In Light of that Truth, we can eradicate any and all negativity that continues to lock and block our system. The more we use the Love, the more we become the Love and the more we share the Love.  Love is healing and Love is Good!


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