World View Perspective: Saying "YES" to your system

Everything is energy and we are not, in truth, separate from the highest, most positive energy within us, surrounding us and Loving us in each moment and with each heart beat! Our human system has been through a great deal as we grow, shift, change and mature in this life.  We receive our share of dings, hits, blows and setbacks as well as deep disappointments.  The problem is our system will unconsciously grab onto these and hold them in and hidden away for a long, long time. The design and intent is to protect our self but the old energy can become walls that stall other growth and positive change. When we say "YES" to our system, consciously, daily, often with enthusiasm, we align with the Higher Love also always saying "YES".  The resonance is complete and our system has a chance to be uplifted, inspired and healed back to wholeness. Forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude and loving life in the moment allows for this process.  Forgive your lineage, forgive yourself, forgive what you didn't know in the past, forgive your relationships and feel aligned with the Love now.  Say "YES" to who you are and feel that "YES" supported in miraculous new and beautiful ways.  Love saying "YES" right now.  
Y. E. S.


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