World View Perspective: The Sacred Feminine

When the energies of the masculine and feminine are not balanced and positive between them, within them and among them, nothing else will be balanced either.  The masculine drivers are developed and created to take outer action, to naturally protect and provide, given their extra strength and body build and their more external drives.  This is also noted in the animal species.  The naturally feminine traits tend to be softer, more flexible and nurturing of the young, those needing support and the elderly.  They tend to be more internally driven. Also, noted in the animal species. Both males and females can do both sets of traits, of course, and in most settings, they are also drawn towards their natural inclinations.  The imbalances on earth now are also related to the imbalances of the male and female energies.  The Sacred Feminine, or Divine Feminine, is not being equally honored and respected like the masculine has been for a long, long time.  This is the case in both the males and females in all cultures.  In general, women themselves do not understand their own power and males do not support them in the manifestation of that power.  In order for the Sacred Feminine to manifest and address the current imbalances, women must stand in their own power and become clear about who they are, truthfully.  Males must find a place in their heart to support the women who take their stand.  In this way, both will again find their balance thereby inviting in Harmony and Peace for the planet and all of Humankind.  Ultimately, this will serve us all and the world where there is again hope and faith in plenty.


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