World View Perspective: Intelligence of Energy

Everything is energy.  Positive energy expands and negative energy contracts. We are not separate from the Universal and Cosmic energy that vibrates throughout our solar system and throughout all of life.  When we can embrace that truth and the truth that we can affect positive change in our selves and the world, we truly realize we can become that change through our loving thoughts and feelings.  Given that, through active, positive, expanded consciousness, we can touch the very energetic structure that responds to all of life.  It can seem daunting but through the energy of intelligence it becomes real and instantaneous.  If we think of another person and have a sense of putting loving joy into their "energy space", we can feel a warm resonance back to us.  It is received by their surrounding Light and immediately sent back to ours.  In this way it is a positive interplay between them.  This can happen even without a more conscious recognition of the exchange.  Learning about the positive effects of energy on our system and on the systems of those around us, we begin to share our positive energy, uplifting our selves and all those around us.  Energy is intelligence and it expands to include all of life.  Consciously generating positive energy makes the world a much more positive place and space to live in for us all as it also serves to evolve the planet.


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