World View Perspective: How we really feel

In search of who we are, as we go deeper into our heart and silence our mind, we begin to feel a great Love for life, our self and all that has happened to support our life.  In that deeper feeling of Love, we begin to know there is a much Higher Power guiding our life perfectly, especially when we listen closely to it.  In quiet contemplation or meditation, we can most certainly experience that Infinite Presence, which is Love itself.  Once back into our own self and life, often that feeling of Love subsides and we can feel as if we have fallen into the abyss.  We wonder if it was our imagination, a dream or just idealistic thinking that inspired us to expand our heart.  In truth, it is a process of shift and change with an active consciousness which does open us and close us as it clears the unconscious aspects as we seek the happy, healthy balance.  Clarity of mind and emotions from the past brings about much improved physical and spiritual health and happiness through this process of shift and change through conscious clearing, forgiveness and gratitude. Think of products in the home that can clear a clogged sink. Sticky and clumped items have created a blockage so the pipes are not functioning well.  By adding the cleanser, now all the plumbing can clear through the process of removal and correct functioning in the pipes is now evident. This is how the Loving positive Consciousness works too.  It is an active force to clear blockages as we continue to grow and evolve.  It is a force for good!


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