World View Perspective: Faith in Inner Freedom

In the depth of our human heart, there is the living experience of a Love so deep, profound and miraculous that when we surrender our self to that beautiful guidance and comfort, amazing things can and will happen.  When we find our self in situations and circumstances that are brutal, toxic, fearful, disturbing and/or alarming to us, accessing that depth of faith and the inner freedom of it, we can calmly trust we are in Loving hands.  This Love can safely take us through any obstacles we face.  There is great courage in our deepest Heart and, even when our mind might be in doubt, the Loving Guidance in our own Heart gives us the open opportunity to let go of any fear until we feel the peace.  The experiential feeling of inner peace is the same as feeling our inner freedom.  It is surrendering to the Loving Guidance of a Higher Power and embracing our full faith in the process that allows the freedom.  The truth will ultimately reveal itself, more so, as we walk in the faith of our inner freedom.


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