World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Compassion

Compassion is a function of the High Heart.  When we can enter that space of a greater understanding, awareness and unity, accessing a pure Love of Truth, we can feel such empathy towards our self and all others.  We can see through True Feeling that the suffering is not necessary. Human pain is a part of life and it guides us to how we learn, grow, expand and advance our thinking because we inherently know there is something more beyond suffering. Our heart and our soul knows that suffering is not necessary. Burdens of all kinds can be surrendered to a Higher Power and, in that act of Faith, true compassion can emerge.  All of our awareness in this life is there to help the soul open and, through knowledge and experience, further develop.  It takes courage and trust to keep offering any locks and blocks in our human systems to a Higher Power enabling it to become a transforming force. Forgiveness and compassion are two energies we can access in our heart that encourage the transforming force to be most active. Gratitude and compassion keep our hearts open to Love.


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