Saturday, May 31, 2014

Resistance Haikus


On cold hard statues
Green geckos stop cautiously
Until bugs appear

Large tall iron gates
Keep out any who’d enter
As birds land and sing

His tough steel armor
Freezes his solid set scowl
Babies make him cry

Sad older couple
Walking slowly on the beach
Kick off shoes and smile

Young child avoids pool
Finally sits on stairs to splash
Delights fully wet

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Women Haikus


Soft flower petals
Blow gently in the warm breeze
True feminine bliss

Young child wanders free
Mother alerted to run
Grabs him strong from harm

Women’s true fire
Breaks down any barrier
Until she feels home

Her truth comes swiftly
When something wrong triggers her
Direct action comes

In a female’s heart
A great depth of love exists
She knows truth of heart

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poet Haikus


Whispered wind blows through
Curtains open for moon shine
Poets feel the breeze

A splash of sunset
Throws open the fading sky
A poet knows why

One last leaf falls down
Before winter claims the ground
Poets grasp the change

Mother turtle hears
Her baby cry from the rocks
Poets feel that depth

Clouds float by changing
Created, dissipated
Put to pen by poets

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Haikus to Affection


Two hawks in the wind
Following thermals up high
Circling in sync

Women wearing hats
Grandmother, mother and child
Beaming their joined joy

Older couple laughs
While watching the setting sun
Catching the last warmth

Grandfather helps dig
A deep sand hole with grandson
A wave fills it full

Aging father sits
While daughter walks on the beach
First rain she runs back

Monday, May 26, 2014

Courage Haikus


Young rabbit eats grass
Hawks circle high overhead
Stillness found in shade

Small girl tugs on robes
Worn by Indian gurus
Others gasp, she smiles

Small squirrels dig in sand
Not noticing people there
Trusting food is close

Mother duck with eggs
Bears down tight as dogs approach
Her courage says no

Young men head to war
Standing brave, feeling stronger
Such determined hearts

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sun Haikus

Haikus to the Sun

Awaiting the dawn
All things in quiet stillness
First rays, life opens

Birds echoing songs
Early glowing resonance
Harmony with life

Sunshine drenches earth
In golden shimmering light
Awakening all

Warmth and light exudes
Showered down upon the earth
As if held by love

Sunset brings to close
Another day warm with light
Hues splashing the sky

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freedom Haikus


Single pelican
Soaring high above the waves
Wings spread, touching sky

Hummingbird sits still
Swaying branch over the sea
Freedom in the wind

Small girl’s face shinning
Eyes closed facing towards the sun
Blond hair blowing free

People together
Gathered for a common good
Flags raised in salute

Inner gratitude
For the life we have received
Brings breaths of freedom

Friday, May 23, 2014

Haikus to the Heart


Egret by the sea
The heart feels peace watching him
Before flight, he’s still

Last glint of light holds
Sun’s final rays, calm my heart
Trust, tomorrow comes

My heart just knows truth
Lifting, guiding all the way
Constant love is there

Forgiveness always
Brings a gentle peace to me
Gratitude, a smile

Eyes of the heart see
Just beauty in all of life
The truth in the soul

Thursday, May 22, 2014

World View Perspective: Saying "YES" to your system

Everything is energy and we are not, in truth, separate from the highest, most positive energy within us, surrounding us and Loving us in each moment and with each heart beat! Our human system has been through a great deal as we grow, shift, change and mature in this life.  We receive our share of dings, hits, blows and setbacks as well as deep disappointments.  The problem is our system will unconsciously grab onto these and hold them in and hidden away for a long, long time. The design and intent is to protect our self but the old energy can become walls that stall other growth and positive change. When we say "YES" to our system, consciously, daily, often with enthusiasm, we align with the Higher Love also always saying "YES".  The resonance is complete and our system has a chance to be uplifted, inspired and healed back to wholeness. Forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude and loving life in the moment allows for this process.  Forgive your lineage, forgive yourself, forgive what you didn't know in the past, forgive your relationships and feel aligned with the Love now.  Say "YES" to who you are and feel that "YES" supported in miraculous new and beautiful ways.  Love saying "YES" right now.  
Y. E. S.

Monday, May 19, 2014

World View Perspective: Intelligence of Energy

Everything is energy.  Positive energy expands and negative energy contracts. We are not separate from the Universal and Cosmic energy that vibrates throughout our solar system and throughout all of life.  When we can embrace that truth and the truth that we can affect positive change in our selves and the world, we truly realize we can become that change through our loving thoughts and feelings.  Given that, through active, positive, expanded consciousness, we can touch the very energetic structure that responds to all of life.  It can seem daunting but through the energy of intelligence it becomes real and instantaneous.  If we think of another person and have a sense of putting loving joy into their "energy space", we can feel a warm resonance back to us.  It is received by their surrounding Light and immediately sent back to ours.  In this way it is a positive interplay between them.  This can happen even without a more conscious recognition of the exchange.  Learning about the positive effects of energy on our system and on the systems of those around us, we begin to share our positive energy, uplifting our selves and all those around us.  Energy is intelligence and it expands to include all of life.  Consciously generating positive energy makes the world a much more positive place and space to live in for us all as it also serves to evolve the planet.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

World View Perspective: How we really feel

In search of who we are, as we go deeper into our heart and silence our mind, we begin to feel a great Love for life, our self and all that has happened to support our life.  In that deeper feeling of Love, we begin to know there is a much Higher Power guiding our life perfectly, especially when we listen closely to it.  In quiet contemplation or meditation, we can most certainly experience that Infinite Presence, which is Love itself.  Once back into our own self and life, often that feeling of Love subsides and we can feel as if we have fallen into the abyss.  We wonder if it was our imagination, a dream or just idealistic thinking that inspired us to expand our heart.  In truth, it is a process of shift and change with an active consciousness which does open us and close us as it clears the unconscious aspects as we seek the happy, healthy balance.  Clarity of mind and emotions from the past brings about much improved physical and spiritual health and happiness through this process of shift and change through conscious clearing, forgiveness and gratitude. Think of products in the home that can clear a clogged sink. Sticky and clumped items have created a blockage so the pipes are not functioning well.  By adding the cleanser, now all the plumbing can clear through the process of removal and correct functioning in the pipes is now evident. This is how the Loving positive Consciousness works too.  It is an active force to clear blockages as we continue to grow and evolve.  It is a force for good!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inner Growth Haikus


Expecting the bulb
To blossom its true flavor
Wafting its secrets

Mothers prepare home
To welcome in their off spring
Fresh newness abounds

Early water flows
Cascading from recent rain
Embellishing life

Water gaining speed
Thrusting new momentum full
Sudden waves appear

Gathering dark clouds
Sky so charged with energy
Lightening sparks new flame

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

World View Perspective: Surrendering negativity to positivity

Negative thoughts, feelings and perceptions of our self or others, creates and generates a grid of negative energy. Within that grid, we can stay blocked and trapped by our own judgments and critical thoughts.  If we don't realize we have done this or realize we are not our thoughts, then we continue to attach, identify and react as if we are the negative grid.  It takes a stronger force to come along and break this grid and negative cycle. That force is the strength of Love, Truth and Positive Energy, which are abundant in our Heart of hearts.  As Einstein implied, whatever caused the problem, another approach must solve it.  If the negativity is in our mind, body and emotions, then accessing the Pure Love in our Heart, through true and genuine aspiration, we can open our Heart's Compassion to our self.  In Light of that Truth, we can eradicate any and all negativity that continues to lock and block our system. The more we use the Love, the more we become the Love and the more we share the Love.  Love is healing and Love is Good!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Haikus to Mothers


In a mother’s heart
Love will always be present
No matter what else

She recognizes
When her child carries sadness
She lifts up their heart

Love can be sudden
Swiftly riding in to save
Effective rescue

Mothers are attuned
To her children’s quiet needs
While she whispers, “Yes”.

Regardless of life,
A mother’s love withstands all
Quietly spoken

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Earth Haikus


Full streams flow like tears
Gathering, pooling, swirling
A joyous release

Lava pulses heat
Steaming, boiling, hot movement
Fiery passion

A grove of Aspen
Shaking, shimmering, golden
Glory of the fall

Renewal of spring
Life blossoms full once again
New growth surrounds us

Windy days stir up
Reminders of coming chill
Bringing us within

Friday, May 9, 2014

World View Perspective: The Sacred Feminine

When the energies of the masculine and feminine are not balanced and positive between them, within them and among them, nothing else will be balanced either.  The masculine drivers are developed and created to take outer action, to naturally protect and provide, given their extra strength and body build and their more external drives.  This is also noted in the animal species.  The naturally feminine traits tend to be softer, more flexible and nurturing of the young, those needing support and the elderly.  They tend to be more internally driven. Also, noted in the animal species. Both males and females can do both sets of traits, of course, and in most settings, they are also drawn towards their natural inclinations.  The imbalances on earth now are also related to the imbalances of the male and female energies.  The Sacred Feminine, or Divine Feminine, is not being equally honored and respected like the masculine has been for a long, long time.  This is the case in both the males and females in all cultures.  In general, women themselves do not understand their own power and males do not support them in the manifestation of that power.  In order for the Sacred Feminine to manifest and address the current imbalances, women must stand in their own power and become clear about who they are, truthfully.  Males must find a place in their heart to support the women who take their stand.  In this way, both will again find their balance thereby inviting in Harmony and Peace for the planet and all of Humankind.  Ultimately, this will serve us all and the world where there is again hope and faith in plenty.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

World View Perspective: Faith in Inner Freedom

In the depth of our human heart, there is the living experience of a Love so deep, profound and miraculous that when we surrender our self to that beautiful guidance and comfort, amazing things can and will happen.  When we find our self in situations and circumstances that are brutal, toxic, fearful, disturbing and/or alarming to us, accessing that depth of faith and the inner freedom of it, we can calmly trust we are in Loving hands.  This Love can safely take us through any obstacles we face.  There is great courage in our deepest Heart and, even when our mind might be in doubt, the Loving Guidance in our own Heart gives us the open opportunity to let go of any fear until we feel the peace.  The experiential feeling of inner peace is the same as feeling our inner freedom.  It is surrendering to the Loving Guidance of a Higher Power and embracing our full faith in the process that allows the freedom.  The truth will ultimately reveal itself, more so, as we walk in the faith of our inner freedom.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Compassion

Compassion is a function of the High Heart.  When we can enter that space of a greater understanding, awareness and unity, accessing a pure Love of Truth, we can feel such empathy towards our self and all others.  We can see through True Feeling that the suffering is not necessary. Human pain is a part of life and it guides us to how we learn, grow, expand and advance our thinking because we inherently know there is something more beyond suffering. Our heart and our soul knows that suffering is not necessary. Burdens of all kinds can be surrendered to a Higher Power and, in that act of Faith, true compassion can emerge.  All of our awareness in this life is there to help the soul open and, through knowledge and experience, further develop.  It takes courage and trust to keep offering any locks and blocks in our human systems to a Higher Power enabling it to become a transforming force. Forgiveness and compassion are two energies we can access in our heart that encourage the transforming force to be most active. Gratitude and compassion keep our hearts open to Love.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Haikus to Inner Worth


Hard, cold stone hard cliff,
Delicate yellow petals
Push their way to shine

Mother Monk seal leaves
Her one baby to survive
He fishes to live

Dog digs her way out
Runs away to find warm fire
Settles in for night

Cat left when too sacred
Years later she found her way
To her family’s love

Scientist’s interest
Studied seals underwater
One swam up, hugged him

World View Perspective: Our Inner Worth and Value

Our best sense of who we are comes from within.  We are not separate from the Truth, Love and Peace that is in our own heart  The more we open our hearts and minds to embrace this higher perspective and intelligence of Light, the more we expand and begin to realize and remember who we are.  We also connect to the great collective consciousness of all of life.  We can then be more and more discerning of the Truth from falsehood and the Consciousness from the unconsciousness as aspects of life and our self.  The heart is the best way in, and in that way, we can feel the Truth of our true Being Self.  All of life is a process between finding and realizing this balance and harmony of the inherent Peace, Joy, Beauty and Love of the Truth of our inner worth and value.  It will always be first through Love Itself.