World View Perspective: Soul truth

Within the soul in each of us is the truth we have all been seeking.  Our soul is connected to the Infinite Soul that guides our creation in Love, Harmony and Balance.  We connect through our Highest Consciousness and greatest aspirations accessed through the Heart.  We are not limited to our physical, emotional, mental, psychological or social sense of self.  Ultimately, everything in our life is a part of our age/stage development.  Everything in our life allows us to learn and grow into greater awareness until we actively, consciously seek to understand life in deeper ways and to sincerely access greater and greater truth about who we are too.  Spiritual development is similar.  It is a call to feel life and our true self in a more profound way. Once we sincerely aspire to know the truth, the truth will be revealed to us. Everything is energy and our true vibration knows the intelligence of energy is our ultimate goal.  It unites us with the Oneness of life, which naturally ushers Peace into the world.  It begins with our most sincere aspiration to know the Truth.


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