World View Perspective: Loving Our Self is Loving the Earth

When we open our heart and remember who we are, we become conscious of who we aren't.  We realize how balancing what we really need and have matters. If our system is out of balance, we can use resources in excess due to fear and other false projections.  Being conscious of our system and learning what brings balance to our lives allows us to feel in harmony with the world around us.  If we carry too much rage, sadness, angst, worry or fear, we can pull too much from the people and environment around us throwing off a more natural balance.  To be in harmony with oneself, we need to understand our outer human nature and personality and our inner spiritual and soul based nature too.  We have to understand and forgive our body, mind, intellect and heart and work to keep those aspects, ourselves and our relationships in positive balance.  By learning all you can about yourself, releasing what you no longer need and embracing all that is positive, your life will become and stay balanced.  In that way, we assist the whole of earth to do the same.  In truth, we are not separate so when we achieve peace, harmony and a happy balance within our self, others and earth can do the same.  In this way, we all continue to evolve through Love and that's what matters!


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