World View Perspective: Integration of Consciousness

As we experience greater and greater Consciousness and awareness, the intelligence of Light that surrounds us and is us, as Consciousness itself, seeks to express in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it is through bold statements, often softer, sometimes it is fierce and demanding and many times, straight forward.  Poetry is a form of expression that can embody words to describe experiences that are personally felt as we grow, feel and expand into who we are within.

April is National Poetry Month in the US.  This month is currently dedicated to posting poetry on this site as it relates to the intention here.  As other more prompted messages come, they will also be written on this site.

Higher Consciousness is expanding who we are at this time because global change is needed and necessary. Remembering who we are will make a difference. Remembering who we are is something we feel in our highest hearts.

In the larger picture, we are the Love we carry and the Love is constant. Love is a healing force that allows our system to clear and balance with the unconsciousness of the earth plane.  The Love wants to expand our current sense of self because the timing is correct to open our collective hearts.  If we are open and willing to trust the inner voice found in our own heart, we will begin to surrender what has been unconscious for too long.  

Our human system can and will transform the more we vibrate Love as a force to carry us forward.  It is good!

Blessings of Great Peace to us all!


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