World View Perspective: Consciousness is Self Love

Becoming conscious requires an inner and outer awareness of self.  Being aware of who we are, how we feel, how we react and interact with other people and how we feel alone with our self all factor into our developing sense of self. Accepting a higher power and an inner expanded intelligence requires an open mind, open heart and an ability to protect one's system and yet a realization we are all connected.  When we dismiss or discount an aspect of our self due to pain or confusion from the past, we unconsciously prevent a full flow of our own light.  We must open our higher nature to the truth of who we are in order to align with and attune to the higher and higher vibrations of Truth and Love, inherent in our true nature.  When we aspire to consciously remember, learn or know the truth we can find our path forward to understanding the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is that self love offers us the greatest opening to the bigger Love.  Fear, worry, confusion or negative thinking can effectively block, lock or shock our system and keep us from a much more open experience.  By working to be more conscious of loving our self, we begin to open to more and more Love, understanding and compassion for our selves, others, the bigger world and the earth.  Love is the way forward and the reason we are here!


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