Twenty Fifth Poetry Post: The Final Straw


Native Americans sitting in a cave
Praying to Great Spirit what Mother Earth gave
Shamans walking in silent retreat
Contemplating the path beneath their feet
Yogis high in a Himalayan Mountain
Searching by day for a fresh water fountain
Spiritual women dancing under the moon
Grounded to earth as they sing their tune
Gurus chanting in Sanskrit before dawn
In meditation after the sun is gone
Mystical healers found in dense forests
Gathering strength and energy for us
Visionaries using their inner eyes
To all of them, the end no surprise
Gratitude for their life and all they knew
What they lived by and for them was true
Their spirit and soul in a body experiencing life
Listening to their heart ends all strife
When it is time to let go
They’ll just inwardly know
Their truthful wonderful spirit
Will recognize, acknowledge and hear it
Quite aware of their return
After finishing lessons they came to learn
They will simply drop their body, moving on
To ultimately again gaze upon
The highest vibration they ever knew
Knowing how much their soul grew
Smiling within at the journey
They can let go and let it be
The ultimate release is then a blessing
Back to the heavens, their spirits sing
All the wise ones are certain,
Letting the body go, not the final curtain
So in life they simply enjoy
Relinquishing the control to feel the joy
They consciously release
Trust fully in the peace

In their last draw of breath
Surrendering completely . . .

To their physical death


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