Twelfth Poetry Post: Where We Live

Whether it is a city,
A dusty old town,
In the daily nitty gritty,
Inside a castle with a crown!
Our human body and mind,
Needs good safe protection,
Food, water, a friend to find,
Kindness, respect and affection!
Yet what of comfort,
That is consistently there,
Housing strong like a fort,
Or with others who care!
Unexpected things can hit us,
Just when we've found our place,
Like a high speed reckless bus,
Knocking us out of our space!
We can enter our heart,
And find what is sacred,
It is a really good start,
Stopping what has outwardly bled.
If our table,
Perhaps our couch,
Isn't so stable,
Our world just says, “Ouch”!
We can always go within,
Guided by faith and love,
A place to begin,
What life is made of!
Whether we meditate,
Or quietly pray,
It helps to contemplate,
Every day!
No matter where you live or how,
Everything for each is right,
Let your love and gratitude show . . .
Open it up, day and night!


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