Sixth Poetry Post: Night


When the mind whirs,
Our system stirs,

Rest is too elusive,
Closing eyes, not conducive,

How do we cope?
An easy way out, nope!

A letting go works,
Forgetting all the quirks,

Relax and remember stars,
Refuse to listen to cars,

Feel the universe breathing,
Hear the cosmos sing,

Trust there is Love,
Surrounding you and above!

Tell yourself, “Peace, Be Still”,
See if your mind will,

Be grateful for your heart beat,
Feel happy you can move your feet!

Give everything up for the night,
Pick it back up when there’s light,

Tell yourself it was a great day,
Whisper to yourself, “Yeah”!

Release any tension, anger or sorrow,
Know that the sun . . .

Will come out again tomorrow!


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