Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sixteenth Poetry Post: Death of Misery


Life is a joyful event
Uplifting, never spent
Breathing in and out is meant

To let go of what we aren’t right now
Taking a new positive vow
To remain conscious somehow,

Embracing joy in each inhale
Bringing in fresh life, never stale
Keeping our vitality healthy, not pale!

What if every bit of air
Took away our deepest despair
Rendering everything neutral and fair

What if saying a constant, “Yes”
Cleared away any internal mess
Life would be grand, I must confess!

Could it be?
So very easy
Releasing misery!

What if we demanded it go?
Knowing we have let it know
We are done, it is time to grow!

What if just after it died?
It promised never again to hide
I would love that, I confide

We would never need it back
In the morning or in the sack
We’d forget it, not keep track!

Imagine this is all true
Really what would you say or do?
Just be joyful . . .

Yes, that will do!

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