Seventh Poetry Post: Self Portrait


Moving as a colorful brush
through time’s eternal canvas
no hidden corners missed
no cave or cavern, too deep
trusting the fire
in one’s soul
a tireless goal!

Just a journey
winding its way
the unknown
to the known
until the knower itself
becomes aware of all it knows
once again tossed to the fire
only to tire!

When the old
must be discarded
nothing left guarded,
a rainbow of colors,
back into the black and white
darkest, starless night
into the morning’s brilliant light
until fright
has no more meaning.

The barest of the vulnerable self
whispering, “yes” after realizing
fear is not real
yet to heal
creating and recreating
invites in the greater evolution
revealing who we have always been
and more . . .

Love at our very core!


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