Seventeenth Poetry Post: Pop Culture


What does culturally pop?
Must have voice
Otherwise growth stops
If we stifle choice

Music carries a certain beat
Different variations of a theme
We still want to move our feet
To best new sounds, it seems

Clothing styles shift and change
Keeping us in current fashion
Silky velvet fabrics, stylish to mange
Fresh colors let stores cash in

Hip new words to flash and speak
Push us to greater communication
Zipping us in and out all week
Onto the next innovation

Hair styles, short and long
Curly, burly, surly
Helping us feel we belong
Whether extra manly or girly

Food develops a new taste
Made for faster grab and go
Conscious effort, no haste
Healthier lifestyles continue to grow

Driving us along, the wave of youth
Moving us all to quicker speeds
Recognizing a greater truth
Meeting newly developed real needs

Maybe it is best if we just embrace
Current fingers on the pulse
Acknowledge the newest pace
Or discern what, for us, is false

Perhaps instead of a hybrid car
You still prefer a truck
Would we still go very far?
Or remain quite stuck!

Pop culture may just come and go
Flashes in the pan of time
Yet with a willingness to grow
Let’s accept its fresh rhythm and rhyme!

Besides if it’s too hectic and wild
We can sit peacefully to meditate
Choosing a life, calm and mild
Remembering our youth, breathe deeply . . .

And contemplate!
(Throughout time, it is never too late!)


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