Fourteenth Poetry Post: If I Were the Sun


I’d shine peace on everyone
Leave no needed task undone
I’d dance among the stars for fun

I’d study everything to get even brighter
Ask the moon to make me lighter
I’d hope earth tensions go quieter

Using my light at sunrise
I’d put hope in the skies
Pull out an eclipse as a surprise

At sunset
I might get wet
Shake off the water, it might rain yet

I’d make everyday about infinite love
Let all people remember what they're made of
If they forget they can look above

I’d use my heat,
To combat defeat,
Help everyone feel complete

I’d want my long rays
To touch your days
Making sure my warm support stays

I’d tuck you in at night
By turning down my light
Just allowing soft starlight

I’d blast away
Any fears that may
Be too dark to keep at bay

I’d be quick to spot
Anything that’s not
Positive and have it caught

If I were the sun, I’d use a wind chime
Bringing you music throughout all time,
Good humor through a shadow of mine!

As the sun, one more word
I’d send you messages on the wings of a bird,
And poetry . . .

Like you've never heard!


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