Fifth Poetry Post: Discover


When the world outside us,
Describes who they see,
Should we make a fuss?
Or quietly just disagree!

Should they define who we are?
As if they really know?
Should we claim we’re from afar?
Or simply whisper, “No”!

Can we take the question deeper?
Into our own inner realm!
Make the moment a keeper,
Trusting our truth is at the helm.

To discover where our reality is,
It is good to look within,
But how do we balance this?
Where does it all begin?

Within us is a reservoir,
An endless reserve of love,
It is what life is for,
Truly stuff we’re made of!

It doesn't need definition,
No need to flash or show,
It is a constant inspiration,
Something we just know!

It unites us to greater things,
Like clarity and truth,
Loving connection, it brings,
Remembered from our youth!

All it takes is faith and trust,
An aspiration to understand,
Joyful discovery a must,
An inner flame always fanned!

Once we discover our inner soul,
There is continual delight,
It is an achievable goal,
Never ending, day or night!

We will smile,
Once we know it,
It was present all the while,
In our life, every bit!

Our inner discovery,
Is our self to the wonderful core!
Found in you and me . . .
Once realized, accepted, uncovered,

There is nothing more!


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