Eleventh Poetry Post: Lightening up


Big, heavy thought,
You've had me caught!
It is time you ought,

Look another way,
Please don’t stay,
Go away today!

Pack it in,
I’d rather grin,
Now is when.

You have been too grim,
I’d prefer to swim!
Go attach to him!

Why do you dog me?
Go climb a tree!
Just let go of me!

I am not in the mood,
Take a hint, Dude!
Go find some food!

You bring me down,
I am done with the frown!
Take it to town.

I am going to dig a hole,
Kick you in it, the goal!
You deplete my soul.

I’ll release you underground,
Where you’ll never be found!
You’ll disappear, not around.

I’ll grab the next kite,
Trust me, I might!
I prefer the light.

I’ll rise up high,
Make a mark on the sky!
You ask why?

Because you’re a burden I know,
Not letting go,
So I’ll just have to show,

What you do is hold me back
It is a fear of lack,
Not ever cutting me slack!

You aren't even real,
You block my way to heal,
Let me through to feel!

Love is what takes me higher,
It is my muse’s freedom to aspire,
A lighter perspective to inspire!

I’ll let you go and follow that balloon,
I am sure we’ll fly off to the moon,
I’ll be finished with you real soon!

It is the way, I fill my cup,
It is the only way, yup!
My heart wants to brighten and lighten . . .



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