Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thirtieth Poetry Post: Haikus to Calling it a Day


Sunset on the sea
Ushers in the closing day
Calming down the pace

Sailboats heading in
As fog horns bellow their call
Billowy sails down

Soft flower petals
Instinctively curl in now
Awaiting night fall

Venus twinkles high
After the sun has gone down
Echoing love’s rest

Fierce winds blow by day
Moonlight brings gentle rocking
Soothing us to sleep

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Twenty Ninth Poetry Post: Fantasy and Reality


Love took her by the hand
Guiding her to trust
The quickening pulse
The inherent yes
The other match lit
In heaven
For her to experience
Because it was an
Opportunity to know
Love exits in other dimensions
Without hindrances
Found in this heavy world
Of non- stop density
Intensity of sameness
That simply cannot
Will not open
Anything other
Than itself
As if too afraid
It will realize it isn't
As real as it thinks it is
And what recourse would it have
But to change
Change into what
If not it’s same sense of reality
It has always known
So love ushered in
A new, higher vibration
An instant joy
Of recognition
Of cognition
New creation
A magical touch
That she had never known
Outside of any given definition
Until she opened
Her heart
Finding that spark
The inner flame
Never the same
The true soul fire
Meant to inspire
Aspire all to find it
Kindle it
Have it start
In the heart
Of another
Who could feel it, too,
And from there it grew . . .

To you!


Leaves calling your name
“Come ride with me on a breeze
There are heights to see”

Starlight shines to us
When it is time to fly up
Our spirit soars high

Ocean waves beat time
To our own heart beat inside
You’re the ebb and flow

Feel light all around
Trust you do not stand alone
Surrender to joy

Imagine heaven
Wants your heart to open up
To sing a love song


Tree shadows create
A true and welcoming shade
Grounding us to earth

Dreams can wake us up
Fearful, scary fantasy
Time then for a bath

Seeing a crown there
We are now the queen of life
No thrill, pay the bill

Watch the surfers ride
The highest wave you can see
With your toes feel sand

Pay attention now
Are you aware of yourself?
Say yes and repeat

Monday, April 28, 2014

Twenty Eighth Poetry Post: Haikus to Calm Our Mind


Deep breaths in and out
Allowing thoughts to release
Calms us down throughout

The ease of a breeze
Across the faces of time
Invites us to smile

Feeling gratitude
In our heart for all our life
Settles us in joy

Walks in deep forests
Connects us back to our earth
Our soul is refreshed

Barefoot on a beach
Allows the stress to let go
All senses renewed

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Twenty Seven Poetry Post: Fear


How real are our fears?
Are they false information?
Keeping our minds busy

Monster fears dog us
Convincing us they are real
Calming the mind helps

Fear contracts us down
Pulling us away from life
Love expands our heart

When anxiety
Plays havoc on us daily
Stop and tell it no!

Surrendering fear
Lets us feel free to relax
Give it all to faith


Snake in the sage brush
Rattles heard just walking by
Fear turns to respect

Face to face with bull
Took aggressive action first
Animal ran fast

Big sport fishing caught
A white fin shark swimming by
Primal fear was there

Bear climbed up on deck
Like he would scramble up trees
His claw marks remain

In blinding snow storms
Sudden stops spinning one eighty
Facing cars straight on

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Twenty Sixth Poetry Post: Haikus to Water


Depth of reflection
A call to be still, to know
Pond gazing below

Barefoot on a beach
Grounds us in nature’s beauty
Walking home in love

Rocks by flowing streams
Bring us a fluid healing
Letting go an art

Waterfalls help move
By cleansing souls with motion
Releasing it all

Deep sapphire lake
Ripples out the flow of life
Sit still and listen

Friday, April 25, 2014

World View Perspective: Consciousness is Self Love

Becoming conscious requires an inner and outer awareness of self.  Being aware of who we are, how we feel, how we react and interact with other people and how we feel alone with our self all factor into our developing sense of self. Accepting a higher power and an inner expanded intelligence requires an open mind, open heart and an ability to protect one's system and yet a realization we are all connected.  When we dismiss or discount an aspect of our self due to pain or confusion from the past, we unconsciously prevent a full flow of our own light.  We must open our higher nature to the truth of who we are in order to align with and attune to the higher and higher vibrations of Truth and Love, inherent in our true nature.  When we aspire to consciously remember, learn or know the truth we can find our path forward to understanding the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is that self love offers us the greatest opening to the bigger Love.  Fear, worry, confusion or negative thinking can effectively block, lock or shock our system and keep us from a much more open experience.  By working to be more conscious of loving our self, we begin to open to more and more Love, understanding and compassion for our selves, others, the bigger world and the earth.  Love is the way forward and the reason we are here!

Twenty Fifth Poetry Post: The Final Straw


Native Americans sitting in a cave
Praying to Great Spirit what Mother Earth gave
Shamans walking in silent retreat
Contemplating the path beneath their feet
Yogis high in a Himalayan Mountain
Searching by day for a fresh water fountain
Spiritual women dancing under the moon
Grounded to earth as they sing their tune
Gurus chanting in Sanskrit before dawn
In meditation after the sun is gone
Mystical healers found in dense forests
Gathering strength and energy for us
Visionaries using their inner eyes
To all of them, the end no surprise
Gratitude for their life and all they knew
What they lived by and for them was true
Their spirit and soul in a body experiencing life
Listening to their heart ends all strife
When it is time to let go
They’ll just inwardly know
Their truthful wonderful spirit
Will recognize, acknowledge and hear it
Quite aware of their return
After finishing lessons they came to learn
They will simply drop their body, moving on
To ultimately again gaze upon
The highest vibration they ever knew
Knowing how much their soul grew
Smiling within at the journey
They can let go and let it be
The ultimate release is then a blessing
Back to the heavens, their spirits sing
All the wise ones are certain,
Letting the body go, not the final curtain
So in life they simply enjoy
Relinquishing the control to feel the joy
They consciously release
Trust fully in the peace

In their last draw of breath
Surrendering completely . . .

To their physical death

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Twenty Fourth Poetry Post: Go Tell It


Whisper it
Give it a chance

Tell a joke,
Make it laugh
Offer riddles
Hum a tune
Just do it soon

Toast it
Boast to it
Read a story
Pat it on the back
Give it a book, a whole stack

Stay humble
Tell it everything
Gesture with your hands
Everything it understands

Be bold
Stand tall
Do sign language
Go shy
Ask why

No reason to yell
Or stomp about
Just don’t doubt
Or shout
Swearing, definitely out

On second thought
Just offering love ought
To say all that’s needed
Even more love given . . .

That’s how you’ll be greeted!


Apple tree I see
Your fruit and juice touches me
Your shade lets me rest

Waterfall and breeze
Your sounds gently comfort me
I flow peacefully

Wafting aromas
In rows of blooming roses
Your scent heals my soul

Bright green tall mountains
How you inspire my dreams
Heights I reach with you

Night fall and sun rise
I love your cycles of light
Your yin and yang counts

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twenty Third Poetry Post: Location in the Heart


Entering into
The heart of love brings us peace
Because truth is there

Truth is in our heart
It knows, it see, it feels love
We are not separate

When we know our heart
All of who we are can smile
Knowing that love’s real

What is in our heart
Will not ever leave our side
It is within us

Loving our own love
Keeps us feeling positive
True love sets us free

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World View Perspective: Loving Our Self is Loving the Earth

When we open our heart and remember who we are, we become conscious of who we aren't.  We realize how balancing what we really need and have matters. If our system is out of balance, we can use resources in excess due to fear and other false projections.  Being conscious of our system and learning what brings balance to our lives allows us to feel in harmony with the world around us.  If we carry too much rage, sadness, angst, worry or fear, we can pull too much from the people and environment around us throwing off a more natural balance.  To be in harmony with oneself, we need to understand our outer human nature and personality and our inner spiritual and soul based nature too.  We have to understand and forgive our body, mind, intellect and heart and work to keep those aspects, ourselves and our relationships in positive balance.  By learning all you can about yourself, releasing what you no longer need and embracing all that is positive, your life will become and stay balanced.  In that way, we assist the whole of earth to do the same.  In truth, we are not separate so when we achieve peace, harmony and a happy balance within our self, others and earth can do the same.  In this way, we all continue to evolve through Love and that's what matters!

Twenty Second Poetry Post: Optimism and Pessimism


Fish gasping water
Awaiting fresh spring run off
Know optimism

Ugly ducklings wait
Giving nature its full chance
Showing true beauty

Bears wading in deep
Eyeing the fast salmon run
Hopeful hunger ends

Cherry blossoms open
Gladdening our hearts for spring
All optimistic

Women want babies
Feeling optimistic dreams
Softly cradle them

Monday, April 21, 2014

Twenty First Poetry Post: Back to Basics


Seeds appeared to sprout
Earth’s soil was a rich ground
Designed to nurture

Sustaining life came
Naturally up from the seeds
Mother Earth gave gifts

Fruits, vegetables, grains
Came to be harvested, used
Feeding all aspects

All life forms could eat
With abundance provided
Only if all shared

Hoarding is just fear
Stand back, there is plenty there
Balance is the key

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Twentieth Poetry Post: Families


If anything can
It is the family of man

If we know who we are
We can touch a star

With an open heart
We have the right start

Forgiving our past
Lets us go right past

All that hurt
Face down in the dirt

If we truly smile again to life
Gone will be our inner strife

This isn't trite, it’s true
Look within, you always knew

Recognizing we are all one
Returns to us all the fun

We know when something isn't good
We know what else would

If we stay true to what’s inside
We would no longer stop and hide?

We’d open right up
Fulfill our own cup

With the highest truest love
Because for all . . .

It is what we’re made of!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nineteenth Poetry Post: Soulful Colors


Bright red fresh berries
Feed the soul vitality
Flight fight energy

Juicy juice of orange
Perks up and awakens us
Appealing to all

Yellow bananas
Gather in bunches up high
Like joined families

Fresh green vegetables
Mother Earth gives to our health
Keeping our heart strong

Blueberries give joy
Nutrients fill our system
Inspiring us

Dark purple good grapes
A growing community
Fully insightful

White cauliflower
A taste of what’s possible
Earthly bit of strength

Friday, April 18, 2014

Eighteenth Poetry Post: Weathering Life


A pure drop of rain
Sitting still on a palm leaf
Like a peaceful breath


Golden rays of sun
Bring passions to the surface
I grave your warm touch


A whispered wind blows
Gentle reminders of love
Loving love is real


Any confusion
Love clears our path so we see
A bigger picture


Some sorrow just comes
Into our life to balance
Until sun returns

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Seventeenth Poetry Post: Pop Culture


What does culturally pop?
Must have voice
Otherwise growth stops
If we stifle choice

Music carries a certain beat
Different variations of a theme
We still want to move our feet
To best new sounds, it seems

Clothing styles shift and change
Keeping us in current fashion
Silky velvet fabrics, stylish to mange
Fresh colors let stores cash in

Hip new words to flash and speak
Push us to greater communication
Zipping us in and out all week
Onto the next innovation

Hair styles, short and long
Curly, burly, surly
Helping us feel we belong
Whether extra manly or girly

Food develops a new taste
Made for faster grab and go
Conscious effort, no haste
Healthier lifestyles continue to grow

Driving us along, the wave of youth
Moving us all to quicker speeds
Recognizing a greater truth
Meeting newly developed real needs

Maybe it is best if we just embrace
Current fingers on the pulse
Acknowledge the newest pace
Or discern what, for us, is false

Perhaps instead of a hybrid car
You still prefer a truck
Would we still go very far?
Or remain quite stuck!

Pop culture may just come and go
Flashes in the pan of time
Yet with a willingness to grow
Let’s accept its fresh rhythm and rhyme!

Besides if it’s too hectic and wild
We can sit peacefully to meditate
Choosing a life, calm and mild
Remembering our youth, breathe deeply . . .

And contemplate!
(Throughout time, it is never too late!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sixteenth Poetry Post: Death of Misery


Life is a joyful event
Uplifting, never spent
Breathing in and out is meant

To let go of what we aren’t right now
Taking a new positive vow
To remain conscious somehow,

Embracing joy in each inhale
Bringing in fresh life, never stale
Keeping our vitality healthy, not pale!

What if every bit of air
Took away our deepest despair
Rendering everything neutral and fair

What if saying a constant, “Yes”
Cleared away any internal mess
Life would be grand, I must confess!

Could it be?
So very easy
Releasing misery!

What if we demanded it go?
Knowing we have let it know
We are done, it is time to grow!

What if just after it died?
It promised never again to hide
I would love that, I confide

We would never need it back
In the morning or in the sack
We’d forget it, not keep track!

Imagine this is all true
Really what would you say or do?
Just be joyful . . .

Yes, that will do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fifteenth Poetry Post: Love and Anti-love


Love is truth
Not just for youth

Love makes us smile
Not if we’re closed for awhile

Love lifts our spirit
Not if we can’t hear it

Love invites us to say yes
Unless we feel like a mess

Love is inspiration
Not without aspiration

Love is open and free
Not if we can’t be

Love expands our sense of self
Not if we hide on a shelf

Love wants us to open
Not if we think love’s done

If we feel love and block the flow,
We knot up and cannot grow

Love is happy to guide us to joy,
Unless we’re so knotted up  . . .

Nothing’s left to enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fourteenth Poetry Post: If I Were the Sun


I’d shine peace on everyone
Leave no needed task undone
I’d dance among the stars for fun

I’d study everything to get even brighter
Ask the moon to make me lighter
I’d hope earth tensions go quieter

Using my light at sunrise
I’d put hope in the skies
Pull out an eclipse as a surprise

At sunset
I might get wet
Shake off the water, it might rain yet

I’d make everyday about infinite love
Let all people remember what they're made of
If they forget they can look above

I’d use my heat,
To combat defeat,
Help everyone feel complete

I’d want my long rays
To touch your days
Making sure my warm support stays

I’d tuck you in at night
By turning down my light
Just allowing soft starlight

I’d blast away
Any fears that may
Be too dark to keep at bay

I’d be quick to spot
Anything that’s not
Positive and have it caught

If I were the sun, I’d use a wind chime
Bringing you music throughout all time,
Good humor through a shadow of mine!

As the sun, one more word
I’d send you messages on the wings of a bird,
And poetry . . .

Like you've never heard!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thirteenth Poetry Post: Animals

GLOBAL GLORY – a lune series

Circle of life,
Brings us all back home,
To one place!

We cannot look,
Away from our true connection,
To all around!

In every breath,
We are not separate from,
The global glory!

Animals with wings,
Creatures tall and small crawl,
Yes, even snakes.

People in lands,
Far away from where we,
Stay in comfort!

Young and old,
Told they will never know,
Or see life!

Seasoned, worn politician!
Gathering all forms of religion!
Even wise shaman!

Beyond human boarders,
Including the sane, the ill,
Yes, even hoarders!

Wealthy, healthy, wise,
Moving, grooving, on the run,
Affect the whole!

In any degree,
On any continent or sea,
We’re one naturally!

Once we see,
No separation, you and me,
Embraced . . .

Global Glory!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Twelfth Poetry Post: Where We Live

Whether it is a city,
A dusty old town,
In the daily nitty gritty,
Inside a castle with a crown!
Our human body and mind,
Needs good safe protection,
Food, water, a friend to find,
Kindness, respect and affection!
Yet what of comfort,
That is consistently there,
Housing strong like a fort,
Or with others who care!
Unexpected things can hit us,
Just when we've found our place,
Like a high speed reckless bus,
Knocking us out of our space!
We can enter our heart,
And find what is sacred,
It is a really good start,
Stopping what has outwardly bled.
If our table,
Perhaps our couch,
Isn't so stable,
Our world just says, “Ouch”!
We can always go within,
Guided by faith and love,
A place to begin,
What life is made of!
Whether we meditate,
Or quietly pray,
It helps to contemplate,
Every day!
No matter where you live or how,
Everything for each is right,
Let your love and gratitude show . . .
Open it up, day and night!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Eleventh Poetry Post: Lightening up


Big, heavy thought,
You've had me caught!
It is time you ought,

Look another way,
Please don’t stay,
Go away today!

Pack it in,
I’d rather grin,
Now is when.

You have been too grim,
I’d prefer to swim!
Go attach to him!

Why do you dog me?
Go climb a tree!
Just let go of me!

I am not in the mood,
Take a hint, Dude!
Go find some food!

You bring me down,
I am done with the frown!
Take it to town.

I am going to dig a hole,
Kick you in it, the goal!
You deplete my soul.

I’ll release you underground,
Where you’ll never be found!
You’ll disappear, not around.

I’ll grab the next kite,
Trust me, I might!
I prefer the light.

I’ll rise up high,
Make a mark on the sky!
You ask why?

Because you’re a burden I know,
Not letting go,
So I’ll just have to show,

What you do is hold me back
It is a fear of lack,
Not ever cutting me slack!

You aren't even real,
You block my way to heal,
Let me through to feel!

Love is what takes me higher,
It is my muse’s freedom to aspire,
A lighter perspective to inspire!

I’ll let you go and follow that balloon,
I am sure we’ll fly off to the moon,
I’ll be finished with you real soon!

It is the way, I fill my cup,
It is the only way, yup!
My heart wants to brighten and lighten . . .