World View Perspective: What matters

Getting clear about who we are is what matters.  We are not our limitations or fears, we are a true self; a true soul and a being with a true heart.  We are light and magic and wonder and we are not separate from our highest consciousness and Love.  Trust and faith is what is needed and with true aspiration, we can accomplish higher and higher states of Loving awareness and consciousness. It is our true nature to feel our deepest Heart and Truth through the Love that guides us and surrounds us each and every day.  Just quiet your mind and breathe . . . and feel the presence of that Love.  Just say "YES" to who you are every day and feel the inspiration that comes.  Allow the acceptance of YES to wash over you and through you until you know who you are.  Become the voice of who you are too.  Even if you are the only one who can hear it, let it get louder each and every day.  Give yourself the freedom to be yourself through accepting you are enough, you have enough and feel deep gratitude for all of your life.  Know the Love responds with greater and greater Love and acceptance for WHO YOU ARE!


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