World View Perspective: Standing up to fear

It has been said that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real . . . 
F. E. A. R. In light of Faith, fear pales in comparison.  It has been said that when fear knocked at the door and faith answered . . . no one was there. Faith has the power to knock fear out of our system and out of our life.  Faith holds us steady, knowing that a higher power is at work in the world.  The True power of Faith allows us to surrender our fear to an energy that is uplifting and inspiring because it is made of the very L. O. V. E. that is the creation itself.  Trusting who we are to the highest Love and Faith we can imagine brings in the force and source of that very Light.  It is that Light that shines into the darkest fear and illuminates what has been so daunting, haunting and hidden.  Our collective Faith and Love can conquer any and all of the fear that so contracts our energy through worry, doubt and negative thinking.  The heart and soul within us is united with the purity of LOVE and FAITH and with that true conviction, we can collectively overcome the false source of fear. With a firm Faith, we can become the LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH we are and collectively, there will be Peace.  Fear cannot hold up to that because the fear is false.  Light is our Truth.


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