World View Perspective: Our breath

The world can seem so very complex and yet the one thing that ties our humanity to the cosmos, to the universe and to earth, as well as to each other, is our very breath.  We breathe in and out every day and in that marvelous breath, we can breathe right out to the heights of the highest aspiration and consciousness, right into the very earth that sustains us and into our own physical body that allows us to be in this life.  We are alive through the simplicity of breathing as well as our heart pumping, which sustains life in our human body.  Our breath on its own is wondrous and when we couple it with silencing our mind, just breathing deeply can bring our whole system to Peace.  Just to breathe in life is itself a Grace and it is always present, wonderful and harmonious in our own system all the time. Such a wonderful, simple moment of living Grace.  Breathe it in . . . in Joy!


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