World View Perspective: Healing our past

When our human system has been impacted by all the life experiences in this lifetime, or previous lifetimes, negativity can impact and color our vision of who we still think we are or feel we must still be.  By listening to our own deepest heart and the Love that dwells within us, we can access our own inner healer.  Our inner healer knows all the painful memories and how the experiences impacted our lives and sense of our self.  Our own inner Love also knows that forgiveness, acceptance, being in the present moment and staying mindful of gratitude allows us to let go and Let God, enabling fresh new opportunities to enter our lives.  Each experience is a lesson and/or an opportunity to grow and expand and, as such, a moment of gratitude upon reflection.  Giving thanks to our own inner healer expands our union and relationship with our inner Love.  Self Love is Divine's Love and in that way, we are accepting who we are!


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