World View Perspective: Freeing our negative self image

Just like changing our clothes, we must remember to shift and change our energy, awareness and consciousness too!  Everything is energy.  Everything can be shifted and changed except our deepest inner being.  That aspect is ever constant and ever with us because it is within us.  Our negative self image is energy that can shift, change and allow us to grow, which enables us to expand our consciousness.  We can release this old aspect consciously once we know we are not that!  It is like waking up one morning to realize you are all done with a set of habits and tired old same behaviors that you have carried out too long!  Suddenly, it just isn't you.  Now you are somehow new and renewed.  The more we recognize we can release the old negative sense of self, we can accept more of who we really are, which is the true beauty of our heart soul self!  It is all part of the grand awakening through Love, Truth and greater Consciousness. 


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