World View Perspective: The ease of Peace

As conscious Peace in the moment becomes our active consciousness, life flows effortlessly and gently because we have become that natural flow.  There is no separation between ourselves and the Source and Force of Love itself. Just like the natural seasons open, grow, expand, pull in, transform and transition, we also go through all the various cycles of shift and change as we grow and mature.  Learning to trust that life's natural rhythm is Peaceful and harmonious, invites us to let go and allow ourselves to become the ease with each breathe we take.  It isn't just a concept, it is a real living experience.  Love, Peace, Joy and Light are all true Cosmic and Universal energies and when we consciously open our higher hearts and minds to receive them into our awareness, we can expand our sense of self to embrace the true meaning of life. In truth, we are one consciousness moving towards finding itself and re-establishing union.  When our soul remembers the journey, we are guided with greater and greater Peace and Love towards ultimate union, as we breathe each breath with an open and grateful heart.


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