World View Perspective: The cry of the unconscious

Seeking Peace in our human system through consciously surrendering to Love in our heart, brings to light what has not been made conscious yet.  It is like sensing an wounded animal nearby as we walk in the night.  We hear the soft whimper, or maybe the occasional bark, but we cannot see it yet.  We know it exists and we feel we can help ease its pain if we can find it.  When we do find it, we have union with the wounded animal and we bring its discomfort to light and get it help.  A timely transformation has occurred for both.  If something or some aspect in our own system is in pain or discomfort, it will continue to send our consciousness signals until or unless we are willing to go in and bring it to light.  This unconsciousness is also an intelligence.  It knows why it is hurting, even if it cannot give voice to it.  If we are willing to give it time to "open" up to our conscious self in the heart, we begin to understand its timely signal and distress.  Once our own unconsciousness is heard and understood, the pain of the discomfort is released and balance in our system is restored.  In that way, our own Love and Peace in our heart heals all within us that has not yet found that state.  We are our own way to Peace.


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