World View Perspective: Conscious awareness throughout

The concept of conscious awareness makes us think of union with our higher intelligence with an expanded awareness of Self.  It broadens our view of life and helps us to understand the concept of One-ness with all of life.  It is a more challenging quest, to understand that Light and Love also exists in our very cellular structure.  Our human physical body is the most dense aspect of us and, in fact, it retains old energetic impact patterning.  If we continue to unconsciously attach, identify and react and respond as if we are just our human bodies, we block the truth within our cellular nature.  The intelligence of expanded consciousness exits in our very bodies and as we accept the True Nature of Consciousness itself, we begin to experience the totality of that conscious intelligence permeating through all our cells, as if to push out what is unconscious and, therefore, no longer needed.  It is a daunting process, which ushers in change, yet it is both necessary and timely in light of the call for our greater evolution.  A call that so many are hearing now.


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