World View Perspective: Clarity of position

When we stand clear in our most truthful position, we feel it truthfully in our bodies.  Perhaps it is just a few moments each day, or even just a few breaths, but it is a true connection to earth. We can become conscious of the connection in each moment.  When we speak with this same clarity, we are true to our words, which reinforces the ground we stand on.  When we are conscious of the current moment we are standing in for ourselves, we consciously give others the permission to do the same.  Our true heart soul self is conscious when we are standing in the truthful moment because of the clear grounding we feel.  We know it because we feel connected.  Connected to our bodies, our words, our true feelings and the earth itself.  The more we practice this, acknowledge this, respect and feel it, the more balance, harmony and peace we experience within and outside our self.  In that truthful vibration, we begin to be the change we long to see in the world, one step at a time.


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