Friday, March 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Attracting energy

If everything is energy, as physics tells us, then what we are attracts similar energy.  If we say a silent "YES" to our deepest cellular tissue, our system receives that positive vibration and attracts more positive energy to itself. The more we receive Y. E. S. into our system, the more Y.E.S. surrounds us, like surround sound in a stereo.  Yes, brings to us an expanded sense of Love and Peace versus "no", which contacts energy.  To manifest Love and Peace in our selves, our environment and in the lives of those around us and into our world, Y. E. S. is the most positive and wisest choice we can vibrate.  Saying Y. E. S. into our deepest cellular structure in our own human system allows the most positive experience to become our life itself.  Positive energy in ourselves yields more positive energy for all and, with consistent effort, Love and Peace can become our living experience in this world now.  All we have to do is say . . .  Y. E. S.!!

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