Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World View Perspective: Acceptance of Peace

To accept we carry Peace is to accept the Love within us. Peace is a natural state of being and Peace promotes our own well being-ness.  When we consciously, actively pursue Peace we are transforming the imbalances in our human system and accepting that when we let go of all that resists Peace within us, Love and Peace remain.  Ego resists Peace because it insists on being in charge of the human system and yet, as the ego recognizes a higher aspect of one's own Heart is present, it will concede.  It is like a young child who demands things go it's way until the older, wiser big sister, calmly redirects the child to what is correct, aligned and attuned with the truth of the moment.  The child will hear the voice of the older sibling and let go of their own needs. Their behavior surrenders to a higher truth effortlessly because it becomes clear that what needs to happen is the correct action. Peace is restored.  Trusting the pure Love in our Heart is our access to Peace. This is our true presence and our true nature; to be at Peace in our system through Love.

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