Friday, March 28, 2014

World View Perspective: Inner worth

When we falsely identify ourselves or others with any degree of financial gain, loss or holdings in terms of the person's true worth or value, we enter a state of confusion.  Our true worth and value comes from within us.  Our heart carries the biggest value of all because it is through our heart's clarity and intelligence that we can access and know the highest Love, Light and Truth in this world.  To see and know our own true self through the eyes of Infinite Love and full Acceptance is saying Y. E. S. to the highest potential a human being can have.  Listening to our heart, we can be guided to the truth in our lives, just by being open to the Love we carry deep within.  This inner worth and true value is the greatest aspect of being human that we can manifest in this world.  It is our true nature and the one true aspect that allows us to be the Love we want to see in the world.  This is our infinite worth and value. The consciousness of the highest Love, Light and Truth is our soul's greatest vibration and when it is in conscious union with the One Soul that supports the world, transformation is attained, achieved and our highest aspiration is met.  Our inner worth then shines through as a pure and positive golden consciousness, which illuminates all around it.  Separation ceases to exist and Peace is attained.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

World View Perspective: Our breath

The world can seem so very complex and yet the one thing that ties our humanity to the cosmos, to the universe and to earth, as well as to each other, is our very breath.  We breathe in and out every day and in that marvelous breath, we can breathe right out to the heights of the highest aspiration and consciousness, right into the very earth that sustains us and into our own physical body that allows us to be in this life.  We are alive through the simplicity of breathing as well as our heart pumping, which sustains life in our human body.  Our breath on its own is wondrous and when we couple it with silencing our mind, just breathing deeply can bring our whole system to Peace.  Just to breathe in life is itself a Grace and it is always present, wonderful and harmonious in our own system all the time. Such a wonderful, simple moment of living Grace.  Breathe it in . . . in Joy!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

World View Perspective: A woman's worth

If Peace is possible, how to manifest it in the world?  If knowing what Love is allows us to know Peace in the Heart, could it be said that our best hope for Peace in the world is through a women's system and her drive for balance, truth and harmony in the home, with her husband and family? Are women the best vessels for World Peace and harmony among nations?  What other force on earth can have such a positive affect on males and their raw emotions other than women?  Women use their whole lives, drives, intelligence and energy to make things work for others, working for positive outcome for the many, not just the one.  With so many tensions in the world today, could it be time for women to step forward and usher in a new era of Peace, Love and Harmony for all?  It will take courage and support from those around us all to bring about change. Yet, to bring balance, hope and joy to our current structure, perhaps a more creative, fluid and flexible approach, much more feminine in nature, is the answer.  At best, it is a question worth considering, given the natural inherent nature of women all around the world.

Friday, March 21, 2014

World View Perspective: The ease of Peace

As conscious Peace in the moment becomes our active consciousness, life flows effortlessly and gently because we have become that natural flow.  There is no separation between ourselves and the Source and Force of Love itself. Just like the natural seasons open, grow, expand, pull in, transform and transition, we also go through all the various cycles of shift and change as we grow and mature.  Learning to trust that life's natural rhythm is Peaceful and harmonious, invites us to let go and allow ourselves to become the ease with each breathe we take.  It isn't just a concept, it is a real living experience.  Love, Peace, Joy and Light are all true Cosmic and Universal energies and when we consciously open our higher hearts and minds to receive them into our awareness, we can expand our sense of self to embrace the true meaning of life. In truth, we are one consciousness moving towards finding itself and re-establishing union.  When our soul remembers the journey, we are guided with greater and greater Peace and Love towards ultimate union, as we breathe each breath with an open and grateful heart.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

World View Perspective: Integration of Light

Accessing our expanded Light and understanding the physics of energy as it pertains to a cosmically expanded intelligence, we can feel very much outside our human body. Bringing that awareness back into our dense human physical body does not always translate easily or directly in terms of communication and understanding.  Maybe we just know it as an experience, function or an expression of our Light but it is not integrated in our day to day experience of life.  The key to remember is that our cells are also made of Light, not just our heart and soul.  Our very human body does remember consciousness and it will respond to the integration process.  The Cosmic source of Light, the Universal connection of Light, our human cellular Light and the Light of earth are all the same Light.  It is the intelligence of Consciousness itself.  As we consciously open ourselves to receive and take in more and more Consciousness, the more we can integrate our whole system with it.  In this way, transformation becomes effortless, understandable and a welcomed new renewal.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

World View Perspective: Standing up to fear

It has been said that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real . . . 
F. E. A. R. In light of Faith, fear pales in comparison.  It has been said that when fear knocked at the door and faith answered . . . no one was there. Faith has the power to knock fear out of our system and out of our life.  Faith holds us steady, knowing that a higher power is at work in the world.  The True power of Faith allows us to surrender our fear to an energy that is uplifting and inspiring because it is made of the very L. O. V. E. that is the creation itself.  Trusting who we are to the highest Love and Faith we can imagine brings in the force and source of that very Light.  It is that Light that shines into the darkest fear and illuminates what has been so daunting, haunting and hidden.  Our collective Faith and Love can conquer any and all of the fear that so contracts our energy through worry, doubt and negative thinking.  The heart and soul within us is united with the purity of LOVE and FAITH and with that true conviction, we can collectively overcome the false source of fear. With a firm Faith, we can become the LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH we are and collectively, there will be Peace.  Fear cannot hold up to that because the fear is false.  Light is our Truth.

World View Perspective: Accepting our own healing

Becoming aware of and developing other abilities, using our intelligence in our human system, allows us the mobility and creativity to improve our selves and our situation.  Being mindful of what our heart is telling us, what our energy level has to say or what we are truly aware of in terms of other people is quite useful.  Once we become aware of the extended Light, Love and Truth we carry, in terms of consciousness, we can use that consciousness to affect positive change.  Understanding that we carry unconsciousness and consciousness in our human system, we see that we have the ability to use our consciousness to bring our own unconsciousness to light, thus making it conscious.  In other words, we can change our energy at will to reflect positive health, healing and happiness.  We can effectively free up what has been stuck through using our light to open up what has been hidden, even from ourselves.  Often we shut down aspects of ourselves due to fear.  Once we use our consciousness to shine light on that old fear, it cannot be hidden and stuck anymore.  Accepting our own healing can be a daunting task and yet it is another aspect of our intelligence; becoming aware that all we need is already within us and it is good.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

World View Perspective: The cry of the unconscious

Seeking Peace in our human system through consciously surrendering to Love in our heart, brings to light what has not been made conscious yet.  It is like sensing an wounded animal nearby as we walk in the night.  We hear the soft whimper, or maybe the occasional bark, but we cannot see it yet.  We know it exists and we feel we can help ease its pain if we can find it.  When we do find it, we have union with the wounded animal and we bring its discomfort to light and get it help.  A timely transformation has occurred for both.  If something or some aspect in our own system is in pain or discomfort, it will continue to send our consciousness signals until or unless we are willing to go in and bring it to light.  This unconsciousness is also an intelligence.  It knows why it is hurting, even if it cannot give voice to it.  If we are willing to give it time to "open" up to our conscious self in the heart, we begin to understand its timely signal and distress.  Once our own unconsciousness is heard and understood, the pain of the discomfort is released and balance in our system is restored.  In that way, our own Love and Peace in our heart heals all within us that has not yet found that state.  We are our own way to Peace.

Friday, March 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Attracting energy

If everything is energy, as physics tells us, then what we are attracts similar energy.  If we say a silent "YES" to our deepest cellular tissue, our system receives that positive vibration and attracts more positive energy to itself. The more we receive Y. E. S. into our system, the more Y.E.S. surrounds us, like surround sound in a stereo.  Yes, brings to us an expanded sense of Love and Peace versus "no", which contacts energy.  To manifest Love and Peace in our selves, our environment and in the lives of those around us and into our world, Y. E. S. is the most positive and wisest choice we can vibrate.  Saying Y. E. S. into our deepest cellular structure in our own human system allows the most positive experience to become our life itself.  Positive energy in ourselves yields more positive energy for all and, with consistent effort, Love and Peace can become our living experience in this world now.  All we have to do is say . . .  Y. E. S.!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

World View Perspective: Conscious awareness throughout

The concept of conscious awareness makes us think of union with our higher intelligence with an expanded awareness of Self.  It broadens our view of life and helps us to understand the concept of One-ness with all of life.  It is a more challenging quest, to understand that Light and Love also exists in our very cellular structure.  Our human physical body is the most dense aspect of us and, in fact, it retains old energetic impact patterning.  If we continue to unconsciously attach, identify and react and respond as if we are just our human bodies, we block the truth within our cellular nature.  The intelligence of expanded consciousness exits in our very bodies and as we accept the True Nature of Consciousness itself, we begin to experience the totality of that conscious intelligence permeating through all our cells, as if to push out what is unconscious and, therefore, no longer needed.  It is a daunting process, which ushers in change, yet it is both necessary and timely in light of the call for our greater evolution.  A call that so many are hearing now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World View Perspective: Acceptance of Peace

To accept we carry Peace is to accept the Love within us. Peace is a natural state of being and Peace promotes our own well being-ness.  When we consciously, actively pursue Peace we are transforming the imbalances in our human system and accepting that when we let go of all that resists Peace within us, Love and Peace remain.  Ego resists Peace because it insists on being in charge of the human system and yet, as the ego recognizes a higher aspect of one's own Heart is present, it will concede.  It is like a young child who demands things go it's way until the older, wiser big sister, calmly redirects the child to what is correct, aligned and attuned with the truth of the moment.  The child will hear the voice of the older sibling and let go of their own needs. Their behavior surrenders to a higher truth effortlessly because it becomes clear that what needs to happen is the correct action. Peace is restored.  Trusting the pure Love in our Heart is our access to Peace. This is our true presence and our true nature; to be at Peace in our system through Love.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

World View Perspective: What matters

Getting clear about who we are is what matters.  We are not our limitations or fears, we are a true self; a true soul and a being with a true heart.  We are light and magic and wonder and we are not separate from our highest consciousness and Love.  Trust and faith is what is needed and with true aspiration, we can accomplish higher and higher states of Loving awareness and consciousness. It is our true nature to feel our deepest Heart and Truth through the Love that guides us and surrounds us each and every day.  Just quiet your mind and breathe . . . and feel the presence of that Love.  Just say "YES" to who you are every day and feel the inspiration that comes.  Allow the acceptance of YES to wash over you and through you until you know who you are.  Become the voice of who you are too.  Even if you are the only one who can hear it, let it get louder each and every day.  Give yourself the freedom to be yourself through accepting you are enough, you have enough and feel deep gratitude for all of your life.  Know the Love responds with greater and greater Love and acceptance for WHO YOU ARE!

Friday, March 7, 2014

World View Perspective: Clarity of position

When we stand clear in our most truthful position, we feel it truthfully in our bodies.  Perhaps it is just a few moments each day, or even just a few breaths, but it is a true connection to earth. We can become conscious of the connection in each moment.  When we speak with this same clarity, we are true to our words, which reinforces the ground we stand on.  When we are conscious of the current moment we are standing in for ourselves, we consciously give others the permission to do the same.  Our true heart soul self is conscious when we are standing in the truthful moment because of the clear grounding we feel.  We know it because we feel connected.  Connected to our bodies, our words, our true feelings and the earth itself.  The more we practice this, acknowledge this, respect and feel it, the more balance, harmony and peace we experience within and outside our self.  In that truthful vibration, we begin to be the change we long to see in the world, one step at a time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

World View Perspective: Healing our past

When our human system has been impacted by all the life experiences in this lifetime, or previous lifetimes, negativity can impact and color our vision of who we still think we are or feel we must still be.  By listening to our own deepest heart and the Love that dwells within us, we can access our own inner healer.  Our inner healer knows all the painful memories and how the experiences impacted our lives and sense of our self.  Our own inner Love also knows that forgiveness, acceptance, being in the present moment and staying mindful of gratitude allows us to let go and Let God, enabling fresh new opportunities to enter our lives.  Each experience is a lesson and/or an opportunity to grow and expand and, as such, a moment of gratitude upon reflection.  Giving thanks to our own inner healer expands our union and relationship with our inner Love.  Self Love is Divine's Love and in that way, we are accepting who we are!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

World View Perspective: True human worth and value

Our greatest worth and value is to know that our true reality is our highest consciousness.  Being aware of who we are through the overall consciousness of the heart soul self allows the truth to set us free.  This is because, in truth, we are the consciousness of the now moment.  When we know we are not the past, because we are in the current moment, we consciously bring our highest awareness into areas of life that are not yet consciously aware.  By doing so, the light of consciousness lifts up the existing density.  In this way, who we are lights the way for others to do the same.  In the now moment, we are enough and we have enough and we can be thankful in our hearts to the Love that ultimately provides for our life.  All levels of reality have a consciousness and when we are actively, consciously a part of that, we know we are not separate from that Love.  Embracing the Love and consciousness, we vibrate that truth into our cells and the world while it consciously transforms us and all around us.  This is our greatest worth and value.

Monday, March 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Freeing our negative self image

Just like changing our clothes, we must remember to shift and change our energy, awareness and consciousness too!  Everything is energy.  Everything can be shifted and changed except our deepest inner being.  That aspect is ever constant and ever with us because it is within us.  Our negative self image is energy that can shift, change and allow us to grow, which enables us to expand our consciousness.  We can release this old aspect consciously once we know we are not that!  It is like waking up one morning to realize you are all done with a set of habits and tired old same behaviors that you have carried out too long!  Suddenly, it just isn't you.  Now you are somehow new and renewed.  The more we recognize we can release the old negative sense of self, we can accept more of who we really are, which is the true beauty of our heart soul self!  It is all part of the grand awakening through Love, Truth and greater Consciousness. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

World View Perspective: Freedom

Freedom is a natural right we have that lives within our heart soul self.  At any moment we can love freely, feel life openly and understand peace through sweet silence with our very being!  This happens freely in the awareness of who we are!  Love and Peace are natural states of being who we are.  The more we are consciously that, the more we become that vibration.  The more positive our vibration of truth, the more it will resonate with others around us!  Our inner openness to freedom through the heart soul self, naturally invites others to do the same!  Our heart soul self opens our human system to the highest light and purest Love.  This is our freedom!