World View Perspective: Positive Health

One of the easiest ways to create a much more positive view of one's self, one's relationships and one's environment is to set our intention on what is positive.  If everything is energy, then setting our most positive intention every day creates the most positive outcome.  Our human system holds onto negative experiences from a very early age.  These memories can be stored in the mind, emotions and/or physical body.  Until or unless we consciously, actively release them, we will continue to carry them forward as if they are still real.  For example, our emotional nature tends to remain in the past if it has suffered trauma in the past.  When we remain attached, identified or reactive as if we are that past, it can keep us at that level of development.  When we have a positive intention each day and keep our system clear of old negativity, we create a positive and healthy space around us.  In that space, our past sense of self can heal. Consequently, we are able to move forward to greater and greater understandings about our self, others and our life.


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