World View Perspective: Love as an intelligence

Love is an intelligence that lives in the heart of us all.  It is a force of positive energy that enhances and expands our ability to feel and communicate compassion. It allows us the ability to forgive ourselves and others, which renews our deepest self in every moment that we surrender what has happened in the past.  Love is a force that Loves endlessly and truthfully as it engages our faith in Love itself.  Love aligns us with the Divine within us.  Love echoes an all encompassing positive vibration out into the world, generating the greater and greater ability for us all to expand our consciousness, extend our learning and enhance our growth and development as spiritual and human beings.  Love invites our True Self to come to the foreground, where joy is effortless.  When we know we are Love Itself, our life changes to embrace that truth.  The more Love we hold, the more Love we vibrate.  If everything is energy, we contribute positive energy to the collective whole, enabling others to do the same.


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