World View Perspective: Knowing who we are

Being in a human form allows us to go through a series of growth opportunities that broaden and develop our experiential ideas of life.  The difficulty happens when we attach, identify and react/respond to the experiences as if that is who we are.  The human system is amazing in it's ability to stay in tact when life hurls all kinds of challenges in our path.  The instincts and internal drive we have to survive is impressive and yet if not reviewed and periodically checked we can forget the art of letting go.  Once we have completed ages, stages and phases as well as relationships in our lives, we need to release them in Love as we release ourselves in Love.  Forgiveness and gratitude are useful tools in this regard, allowing us to free the past space in our lives and thoughts.  Once we genuinely surrender them in Love, we naturally open to more experiences of growth, greater expanded thought and higher feeling until we realize who we truly are, the truth of the heart/soul self. Once compassion opens, Love replaces the old notion that we are limited to a past sense of self.


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