World View Perspective: Cellular Grace

Faith can open our heart to Love and Love connects us to a higher Source of Light and Truth.  Our Soul Self receives this transforming energy and enlightens and illuminates all parts of our being.  When this happens, we feel inspired, uplifted and guided to a new awareness.  However, the densest aspect of being human is found in our physical body.  Our human body is designed to withstand pressure through many growth cycles as it keeps us alive and thriving.  That is certainly how it appears to us inside the body.  The physical body has its own intelligence too.  As Love begins to evolve, as it has been doing, the actual physical cells in our body must also begin to shift and change.  When a wind storm approaches, documentation reveals that the behavior of small children shifts and changes as a result of the incoming transformational energy of the wind's intensity.  This is a similar process to Love's evolutionary energy on our collective physical consciousness.  The actual cells in our body must begin to open in consciousness to the highest vibration of Love.  As this occurs we will begin to vibrate Pure Love, which is our truest nature and it will also have a positive effect on all around us.


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